Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve! I'm popping in real quick to share this year's Christmas card with you! 

Shout out to our wonderful photographer, Tara for hosting a fun Santa Day and providing the picture for this year's card! :)

Also just for fun, I'm including the responses to the Christmas questions I ask my kids every year. They never disappoint, ha!

{Ella's responses in pink, Lucas's in blue}

What is on your Christmas list? Peppa Pig Glamping Tent; Lightning McQueen track
What is the best part about Christmas? That Santa comes; Santa
Where does Santa live? At the North Pole; Black Lion (LOL....this is the store here where we always go to see Santa!)
What are the names of Santa's reindeer? Prancer, Rudolph, Francer (Francer! 😂), I forgot...; Rudolph
What do you think Santa's favorite food is? Cookies and milk; cookies
What will Santa bring Mommy and Daddy for Christmas? Socks....that's what Peppa Pig's mom and dad get; socks (so clearly we are still very heavily influenced by Peppa Pig over here, ha!)

Hope your holidays are very merry!!! 

Monday, November 18, 2019

New Kitchen and Family Room!

Hello! I am here and alive! I can't believe it's taken me this long to get these pictures on here, but I am so excited to share my updated kitchen and family room with you! 

In case you missed it on Instagram, I finally (after almost 4 years of living here!) convinced Travis to agree to have our dark wood kitchen cabinets and family room built-ins painted white! And oh my goodness, I am so in love with how it turned out!

First, a look back at where we started... these are the MLS pictures from the original listing of our house.

I have no clue why my husband didn't want to paint these immediately after purchasing this house, but whatever, he finally agreed to it, so here we are! 

After a week of painting (plus a little extra; we were waiting on some special-order glass to go on those cabinets. Plus I ordered the wrong hinges, so whoops), here is the finished product:

Now, we obviously still need to replace that granite and backsplash in our kitchen, as well as add recessed lighting and new light fixtures throughout both rooms, but for now I am extremely happy with how much brighter both rooms are! And yes, I've already put up Christmas decorations...feel free to judge ;) 

Wall paint color: Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (best neutral EVER!)
Cabinet/trim paint color: Sherwin Williams Alabaster
Hinges: Amazon
Drawer pulls: Amazon
Fan: Lowe's
(thanks to my father-in-law for spending almost an entire Saturday installing this with my husband!)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bennett's First Down Birthday Party

What's this...a blog post?!?!
This is SUCH a belated post, but I was having major issues with my old computer. It was almost 6 years old, things weren't loading and it was slow AF. It took me 5-10 minutes to open any program and I was staring at that stupid beach ball spinning constantly. I thought I could just go to the Apple store and get a new computer...but no, I needed X amount of storage and they just don't make them like that anymore. So wouldn't you know, I had to special order a freaking computer and it took 2 weeks to come in! Then they had to transfer all of my files, which took another 4 days (it's only supposed to take 24 hours)! 

So that's my excuse for just now posting Bennett's birthday party, 2 months later! Whoops!

Anyways! As soon as Bennett was born (at the very start of football season, mind you), I just knew we had to have a football themed first birthday party! This was SO much fun to put together!

Behind that "Tailgaters Welcome" sign, we had a cooler full of beverages to greet our guests!

The dining room was our main party room housing the majority of the food and decorations! I couldn't find a backdrop that I liked, so I made my own using a plastic "grass" tablecloth and chalkboard-style contact paper! I was kinda proud of myself!

For food, I tried to serve as many "easy" tailgate foods as I could think of! We had jalapeno poppers, mini chicken & waffles, chicken wings, pizza rolls, veggies & dip, chips & salsa, and popcorn!

I also made this football-looking thing out of crackers, cheese and pepperoni! (Thanks, Pinterest!)

And of course we had cupcakes and cake!

I could have done with out the REF written on there, but hey it was like $30 so whatever.

I have loved making these numbers out of photos for my kids' birthdays! The number 1 is definitely the easiest to make!

Moving into the kitchen (which looks SO different now that it's been painted...a post on that coming soon!), we had all of the drinks at our "Concession Stand"!

At our kitchen table, I had football helmets that the kids could color and grown ups could write a note to the birthday boy! I also bought foam fingers for the kids to decorate, which was a big hit!

A few more decorations in the family room and front hallway...

For party favors, I dressed up Gatorade bottles like referees!

It was a very fun time celebrating our 1 year old boy!!!

{Please see the reason for throwing that rug away immediately after this party!}

Bennett was super excited to open his presents! He loves his PBK chair, Ramses and a whole bunch of B Toys (we haven't owned a toy made by this company that we didn't like; they are the best)!

Bennett's shirt: A Little Stitch of Charlotte
Ella's dress | Lucas's shirt: Smocked Auctions
Blowup goal posts: Target
PVC pipe goal posts, monthly banner, high chair banner, assorted banners/decorations, bib and football headband: another mom on my local Facebook group :)
Wooden signs: Hobby Lobby
Grass tablecloth, plates, napkins: Target
Cake: Publix
Chalkboard contact paper: Amazon
Chalkboard milestone poster: Etsy
Cupcake toppers: Amazon
Pom Poms: Amazon
Chalkboard easels: Target
Tablecloths: Hobby Lobby
Foam Fingers: Oriental Trading
Whistles: Amazon

Friday, September 13, 2019

Ella and Lucas Go to School!

Sorry for the radio silence over here! 
We have been busy, busy, busy celebrating Bennett's birthday (still need to post his party, whoops!) getting our kitchen and family room painted (a whole post on that coming soon too!), and sending my two big kids off to kindergarten and preschool! 

On their first days of school, I gave them the annual interview questions. You can see Ella's previous answers here and here (not sure where last year's went!). 

1. What is something mommy says to you? I love you, Ella 
2. What makes you happy? If you tickle me
3. What makes you sad? When someone is mean to me 
4. What makes you laugh? If someone’s dressed up as a clown 

5. How old are you? Five and a half
6. How old is mommy? I don’t know
7. How old is daddy? I don’t know (she totally knows how old we are! no idea why she "forgot" on this day!)
8. What is your favorite thing to do? To play outside 

9. Who is your best friend? Molly and Alevia 
10. Where is your favorite place to go? To kindergarten! 
11. What are you good at? I’m good at helping mom make cookies
12. What is your favorite food? Lollipops

13. What is your favorite song? Peppa Pig (no idea what she means by this...maybe the Peppa Pig theme song?!) 
14. What is your favorite color? Pink and teal
15. What is your favorite animal? Butterflies 
16. Where do you live? T******** (our street name)
17. What is your favorite toy? Peppa Pig books
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? An illustrator 
19. What is your favorite book? Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School
20. What do you want to learn at school this year? I want to learn about painting pictures 

And now for Lucas's turn...

1. What is something mommy says to you? Lucas Ferguson! 
2. What makes you happy? Yes yes!
3. What makes you sad? I just sad sometimes 
4. What makes you laugh? (Does crazy laughing) 
Questions are hard when you're 3, guys.

5. How old are you? 3
6. How old is mommy? 2
7. How old is daddy? 3!
8. What is your favorite thing to do? Watch Blippi!

9. Who is your best friend? Cooper
10. Where is your favorite place to go? To Jumpin' Jax!
11. What are you good at? Singing Blippi songs 
12. What is your favorite food? Pizza

13. What is your favorite song? Garbage Truck song
14. What is your favorite color? Blue
15. What is your favorite animal? Cow 
16. Where do you live? On Charlotte (He lives ON the city, not in it, ok?)
17. What is your favorite toy?  Tractor
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? A dinosaur 
19. What is your favorite book? Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site
20. What do you want to learn at school this year? Learn my numbers (I had to give him MANY ideas for this question!) 

I'm so thankful they both love school tons so far! They have really great teachers and some sweet friends in their classes, too! Cheers to a great school year!