Saturday, March 23, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 30}

Happy Friday friends!!! 
Here's what we've been up to!


We met up with Ella's preschool friends at a local gym!

Bennett hung out in the Ergo and drooled just a teense all over it. If this boy doesn't cut a tooth soon....!!


My little diva at Lucas's soccer practice!

She said the sun was "hurting her eyes," so of course I had to give her my sunglasses!

Meanwhile, this boy was just having the time of his life scoring goal after goal! He just loves soccer right now and we are so proud of him!

After soccer, he decided to put Ramses in an ambulance?

And Ella and I made a quick Target run...she asked to try on sunglasses, but I didn't buy her any! Even though she had to use mine earlier, she definitely has about 8 pairs at home!


St. Patrick's Day AND Selection Sunday! Some of us were more excited about basketball than the Irish holiday...

Photo shoots all around! 

And then we watched the Selection Show while eating our favorite enchiladas that I make every Selection Sunday (such an authentic Irish recipe, ha!). 


The boys and I met up with some friends at the library!

Monday afternoon, we made our brackets!

Ella's was done in no time flat, but Lucas had absolutely NO interest in his and it took FOREVER! For Bennett's I had Ella stand in front of my laptop, and she told me which team B picked based off of which way his eyes looked, ha! 


My very last Awaken Bible Study! 

I've been going to this Bible Study since Lucas was 4 months old. Now that I've done all 4 classes, I graduated! I will miss it so much; it has truly changed my life! For real, if you are in Charlotte, you need to go! It will start back up in the fall and it's on Tuesday mornings at Carmel Baptist! It is SO good. 

After that, we made another quick trip to Target. Because I always need something at Target, right?! Just not this Thomas hat ;)

That evening, I had a wine night with some friends, so I had gone to Target specifically to get a bottle of wine for this thing. Well, wouldn't you know it, they forgot to give me my bag with the wine in it and I didn't realize till much later in the day?! Oh I was SO mad!!!! 

I just had to share this pic of the sweetest matching siblings! Ella's dress is 3T and still fits...Bennett's longall used to be Lucas's! 

Hop, hop, hop! This little bunny is ready for Easter!

Tell me that's not the cutest bunny you ever saw!


Lucas got a much needed haircut!


And after:

He looks 12 now! Someone hold me.

Lucas and his new haircut decided it was not necessary to eat dinner that night and ran away with the older boy at church who had a bunch of trucks. I found them sitting together playing so nicely. It would have been even nicer if he had eaten his dinner first, but whatevs. 


We had a low-key morning at home; first putting away Bennett's laundry and sorting out things that no longer fit. 

And then we finally broke out my super cool shop vac I got for Christmas to clean out my car!!! I was way too excited about this; Bennett's just wondering why the thing is so loud!

While I was doing that, Lucas perfected his basketball skills. Let's just say they are better than his bracket making skills at this point. Bless.

And for the record, this guy LOVES Baby Mum Mums, just like his older siblings!!!

Have a great weekend! 
Go Tarheels and hopefully everyone's bracket is doing better than all of ours over here! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 29}

Another Tardy-to-the-Party post! Maybe one day I will get it together and post these on Fridays again!

Here's a look at our past week!


We dropped off all of our stuff for the consignment sale! 

Then we shopped the same consignment sale...the good news is that I spent less than I made, so that's a win!!


Soccer! Lucas has been doing SO well so far this season; Trav and I are both so impressed with him!

We also had our friends over to watch the UNC vs. Dook game! Bennett loved playing with his girlfriend!


My Lenten "resolution" this year is to go to church every week during Lent!
So, this was the first Sunday of Lent...and it was also the day after the time change, which made it even harder to get to 9:30 church! But we made it! Ella drew on her boogie board the whole time (this is seriously the best $15 investment and I highly recommend getting one if you have a kid between ages 3 and....18 haha!). 

That night, Bennet tried butternut squash, which was a big hit!


The most glorious day of the month! Our cleaning lady came over to clean! 
Since we had to be out of the house, after we dropped Ella off at preschool, I took the boys on a run! 

It was Bennett's first time in the Double Bob! He was very indifferent about it, ha!

After I ran 3 miles, we went to play at the park!

It was also Bennett's first time in a swing!!

Our friends were at the playground at the mall, so we left the park to meet up with them there! 


We walked out of Bible study to find...a fire truck! No worries, the church wasn't on fire, it was just there visiting the preschoolers! Lucas was beyond thrilled!

To make Lucas's life even more exciting, we also went to the car wash since it had finally stopped raining and my car was so dirty!

That afternoon I attempted to put together Bennett's cozy coupe that he had gotten for Christmas! I gave up after like 45 minutes...sorry Trav! Time for you to take over! Who knew cozy coupes were so hard to assemble?!


We got out our Easter decorations!

It was also Open House day at Ella's dance, so we got to go in the room instead of watch her on a tv!


Ella had a St. Patrick's Day parade/JDRF fundraiser walk at preschool!

Her class made the cutest rainbows to carry!

While Ella was still at school, I took the boys to yet another consignment sale and found all of this!

And that afternoon, Bennett had the baby room all to himself at the Y!

That's a wrap on our week!! Happy Tuesday! :)