Monday, February 18, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 25}

Sorry I am SO late in posting this week's update! Trav and I attended the most epic party either of us has been to on Friday night and we are STILL recovering! Ha! I am so old!! I will be sure to share all about the party in next week's update....but in the meantime, here's a look at our Valentine's Week!!


So, where we last left off, Lucas was sick. Running a fever and throwing up. Good times. So Friday morning we laid low!

I basically spent most of the day keeping Ella and Bennett as far away from Lucas as possible!!

Bless this poor little buddy. He thankfully did not throw up anymore after Friday morning, and neither Ella nor Bennett got sick (hopefully I'm not jinxing myself by typing that...but it's been over a week so we should be safe)!


Lucas was finally feeling better and had been fever- and vomit-free for 24 hours! 
So we went back to the heart wall to take pictures, since our first try the week before didn't go so well!

Bennett was like, UMM Mom are you serious. 

Success! I mean, kind of. Better than last time anyway!


Ella wrote her name on her valentines for her classmates! I got these off a local Facebook group!

Bennett watched golf!

And he also fell asleep on me, which hasn't happened in a while. I didn't hate it!


The best day of the month....our cleaning ladies were here!!! 
The boys and I went to the mall to find something for me to wear to event I had to attend with Trav that Wednesday.

Lucas was truly living his best life in Old Navy, ha! He loves the mall!

When Ella came home from school, she decided Bennett needed to wear her bow!

So pretty, haha!


Bible study time!!!

Afterwards, we made a quick trip to Target. Bennett was HATING his life in Target this day!

That afternoon, we had some rolling practice. He is sosososo close!

Look! When he is on his back, he tries to roll onto his belly, which I think is harder than rolling from belly to back. And he's almost there!


The a/c on my car is broken. Which, you wouldn't normally even notice in February, but since it was so hot last week, I did! We were sweating our butts off in my car! Since we just got my car in August, it was covered under warranty, but we had to take it to the dealership where we got the car...

Oh. My. Goodness. Y'all! It took them FOREVER. It was supposed to take an hour....cut to, 2 hours later, me begging for my car back so I could pick Ella up from preschool. They made me promise I'd come right we quickly ran and got Ella, stopped at home to make a quick lunch for Lucas, and then spent another HOUR at the car place!

There is nothing I hate more than taking my car in! Nothing!

The bad news is that they still haven't found exactly where my a/c unit is I have to bring my car back in a few weeks. And then, when they fix the a/c for real, it will take FIVE HOURS. Just kill me now. I can rent a car, but the warranty only covers a rental that is $40 a day. And 3 car seats are not going to fit in any $40/day car. FML. I guess we will be spending all day at the car place that day! Yay.

Wednesday night I got to go to a work event with Trav! In case you missed it, Charlotte hosted the All-Star Game this past weekend, and Wednesday night was the Host Committee Party! 

{my dress was only $20 at Old Navy!}

I guess this was our Valentine's Day date?! Ha! 


Valentine's Day! Our kids woke up to a few small treats!

I missed the memo that Valentine's Day is like Christmas now, haha. Sorry, kids!

After dropping Ella off at preschool, we went to my friend Ashley's for another Bible study! Bennett was not in the best mood...

...but thankfully he got himself together after his nap, so we could take some pictures to commemorate his first Valentine's Day!

I really could just eat him up!

And all 3 of my babies on their first Valentine's Days:

Hope you have a great week! Happy Presidents' Day! :) 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 24}

Greetings from our germ-infested home! Oh yes.
It was only a matter of time until someone caught one of the many gross things going around...and yesterday Lucas was that someone. Bless his heart. He's feeling much better, so I am just praying that no one else gets sick!!
But here's a look at our week, before he got sick!


We continued the early birthday celebrations for Ella! My parents were in town again, so they gave Ella her presents!

She was so excited about her pink violin! Now she can play like Peppa Pig!

We also made a last minute trip to Target to get birthday party supplies, and somehow ended up in the toy section...

After naps, my mom wanted to take Ella shopping! We didn't find anything (shocking, I know!), but we did have a small photo shoot by the fountain!


Saturday was Ella's birthday party!! I will do a whole separate post on this! :)


Ella's actual birthday!!! Finally, ha! She is officially 5!

We got her a Sleeping Beauty dress! She's obsessed with Sleeping Beauty and this was one of the only princess dresses she didn't have and wanted!

She came downstairs to her birthday waffle!

Then we took a few pictures with her blocks! She has had these blocks since she was doing these weekly photos as a baby!

I asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday...and do you know what she said? 
"Go grocery shopping with my princess dress on."

Ok. Easy to please!

She also wanted to take a nap wearing her cool mask from her party...

...and when she woke up, we found a Peppa Pig birthday card in our mailbox from Grandma and Papa!!! (Yes, I know the mail doesn't come on Sunday...we hadn't checked it yet from Saturday, whoops!)

Ella's second request of the day was to ride her scooter outside. Done and done. 

The boys came out with us too! They wanted to golf.

I’d also be remiss to not mention it was also Super Bowl Sunday!! And Bennett’s first Super Bowl! Crazy to think that the next time football is on tv again, he will be ONE!! 


This chick's first day being 5 at preschool!

The boys and I went to the library for the first story time we've attended in what seemed like FOREVER!

The theme was trucks, which couldn't have been more perfect for this truck-obsessed boy.

He was so engaged the whole story time!!!

Monday was also my brother's first day of a new job, so we wore our best space/rocket ship/astronaut outfits to support! (He is--literally--a rocket scientist! He designs spaceships...or the engines for them...or something like that!)


This girl said "Mom, take a picture of me being like a Lilly Pulitzer model." I mean, LOL. She is too much sometimes!

The boys and I went to Target and Michaels to return all of the stuff I had bought for Ella's party that we didn't end up using! (Over buy?! ME?! Never! Ha!)

When Ella got home from preschool, she opened her presents from Grandma and Papa!!! 

She was especially excited about that Pop the Pig game!!!

After naps, we went to the heart wall (if you're in Charlotte, it's in South End by Jeni's)!

I'm already wanting to go back because I'm not happy with how the pictures turned out...Bennett is eating his hands in every single one he's in. 

We were going to go back today, but #sickLucas. Maybe we'll make it back before Valentine's Day! 


We went to Black Lion to get some more local honey!!

Lucas posed with the lion outside the store...this picture just cracks me up!

And Bennett wore the same little Baby Gap onesie that I've held onto since Ella was his age! Gotta love gender neutral clothes!!!


Yesterday was a doozy. The boys and I went to Bible study in the morning. Lucas was totally fine, acting normal. We came home and I fed him lunch. He started crying and refused to eat, which is SO not like him. I took his temperature just to rule out the flu, and what do ya know, 100.8! Oh man, I started freaking out and texted the whole Bible study group...I will feel TERRIBLE if any of their kids get sick from him! 

Anyway, to add to my stress, I had promised Ella we would get TCBY after school that day. Her preschool was doing a fundraiser there where proceeds from sales would go towards their new playground...but you had to buy the fro-yo on Thursday afternoon. Of course. So I buckled Lucas into the stroller...and we bolted in and out of that place so quick, I hope his germs had no time to land on anything! 

It was so nice out, we ate on our front steps! Look at poor Lucas, bless his heart! 

After long naps, it was nearly 80* out, so we played outside that afternoon!

I also ordered popsicles (and juice boxes, and Pedialyte) on Amazon Prime Now. Thank goodness for this service! Everything got delivered as we were playing outside, so I finally got something into my sick boy's popsicles! 

He will ONLY eat the orange ones! 

Ella benefitted too...

...and poor Bennett only got to eat his hands. Popsicles next year, buddy!

So after eating about 4 (orange only!) popsicles...guess who threw up ALL over his crib as soon as I put him in it for the night?! Bless his heart. 
He miraculously slept until 9 this morning, and hasn't had a fever or thrown up since then! So, hopefully he is done being sick and no one else gets it! 

Have a happy and healthy weekend!!!