Friday, February 22, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 26}

Happy Friday from the tropical rainforest of Charlotte! 
I seriously haven't seen the sun in I don't know how long! 

Can you believe we are halfway done with these weekly posts?! Ahhhh! This boy will be 6 months on Sunday and I just cannot handle it!


This crazy boy is becoming more and more mobile. The top pic is how I put him to sleep Thursday night...and the bottom picture is how I found him Friday morning!

I don't even know how he managed to do that!

Friday morning, we had Ella's 5 year WELL visit. There are about 800 different germs floating around Charlotte (and I'm sure everywhere else) right now and I was SO terrified of going to the pediatrician's office! I made my kids promise they wouldn't touch ANYTHING and brought their tablets to keep them occupied, so they wouldn't touch the dirty toys and books in the waiting room.  

We all survived the germy office and this chick is just SO grown up! She's in the 60th percentile for height and the 70th percentile for weight, and was beyond excited to not have to get ANY shots at this visit! 

After the doctor, we decided to cash in her piggy bank money at Target!

She had over $14 in quarters in there...thanks, grandparents! 
Ella and Lucas also got Target gift cards from Trav's parents for Valentine's Day, so I let them pick out some toys! Of course everything they got was Peppa Pig!

{Ella got this and this because she also had an extra $14...and Lucas HAD to get this!}

Then Friday night...or should I say Saturday morning! We had to go to a party for All-Star Weekend. 
It was basically the most epic party I've ever been to. You all know Trav's work always does some pretty extreme Christmas parties....this blew those Christmas parties out of the water! It was INSANE! 

The party did not start until 10 PM and we didn't get home until 2:30 AM!!! I was paying for that all weekend!

Yes, that's an entire Jordan shoe made out of fresh hydrangeas. They had a guy wearing some oxygen mask spraying the flowers with water (I think?) the entire party. It was pretty crazy.

I'm glad I decided to wear a jumpsuit...because 90% of the ladies at this party also had on jumpsuits! Ha! 

These were the signature cocktails...

That top layer was marshmallow and it was delicious (I only had 1 because I don't trust myself with drinks like this, ha!). 

So behind us/in front of us were more celebrities than I have ever seen in one place at one time! Except I didn't know half of them because I am not in the loop with athletes at all! But here's who I did see that I knew (there were tons more people there that I didn't actually see): Gayle King (yes, Oprah's bestie!), Guy Fieri from the Food Network, Thomas Davis, Dre Bly (you probably wouldn't know him unless you're a diehard UNC football fan...Trav was ecstatic to see him!), Mark Cuban, Spike Lee, Chris Tucker, Kevin Durant (he walked right in front of me as I was taking a video!), Grant Hill, and then Travis Scott performed (couldn't tell you one of his songs, haha!). SO many famous people! It was seriously so epic and I'm only sad I didn't take more pictures! 


What's worse than parenting hungover? SINGLE parenting hungover! Trav had to work ALL weekend due to the All-Star game events (which, hats off to him for that because I have no clue how he managed!), so I was left at home with all 3 kids. Yay. It took me a full 2 days to recover. I am no spring chicken, friends! 

I took almost zero pics, but look at how cute Bennett is in his Hornets attire for the big game Sunday! 


Ella was out of school for President's Day, so what better way to celebrate than go back to Target again?! 

That evening, Bennett had his first rice cereal!

He was not a fan.

Now that Bennett is "eating," we will (eventually) move him to the high chair, which means Lucas gets moved to the booster seat at the actual kitchen table! He was so excited for his "new chair"! 


Bible study and grocery store trips.

What's funny is that I couldn't tell you the last time Lucas was in Harris Teeter...I usually only go there on weekends when the kids are at home with Trav! He was super excited about this cookie and now asks to go in to Harris Teeter every time we drive by. 

Also, on Tuesday, Bennett ROLLED OVER! Finally!!!!

And Ella decided he might like the rice cereal if she fed it to him. He did not.


Sporting our baby blue for the UNC vs Dook game!

Bennett helped me sell a few of his old clothes! I can't think about it too much or it makes me really sad. Lucas not a clone of Trav or what?!


I'm not sure if you're aware but Lucas is OBSESSED with car transporters. Like, 110% obsessed. So when I saw this longall, I had to get it for him. He was beyond excited to wear it!

Bennett decided he wanted to help lead Bible study ;) He was waving and smiling at everyone while Ashley was sweet enough to hold him!

And we made his rolling over official by taking a picture with the sticker on!

He's already working on that next milestone...waving!

He's starting to warm up to the rice cereal...tonight he almost finished the whole bowl!

Have a great weekend! Hope its nice and dry where you are!