Friday, February 1, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 23}

Happy Friday!

We are in full-blown birthday/birthday party prep mode (for Ella!) over here, but I wanted to pop in real quick for a weekly update!!!


We went on a new adventure! Our friends were going to the Schiele Museum in Gastonia and invited us to go with them. I do NOT go to Gastonia, so I was a little intimidated, but Charlotte friends! It was great! It was like $11 for all 3 (well, 4 if you count Bennett!) of us to get in and it was less than half an hour away! We will be back for sure!

Lucas LOVED all of the dinosaurs there...

...and of course "Ramses" was a hit!


This peanut allllllmost mastered sitting up! 

Ella and I had a special "girls only" trip to Target to pick out a birthday present for her friend. We somehow ended up looking at Peppa Pig toys for Ella... 

...and buying ALL of the birthday party things for her own party!

Later that afternoon we went to this friend's birthday party, where Ella got to make her own pizza!

Ella's toy that she picked out for the birthday girl was a hit {she chose this doll}, so I guess our Target trip was a success!

After the birthday party, Trav and I had a much-needed date night! 

We went here because Trav wanted oysters....and they had run out of oysters. Womp, womp.


I purged more of Ella's clothes! 

I just keep finding stuff! The girl has SO. MANY. CLOTHES.

Like mother, like daughter!!

{We were twinsies in our Lilly this day!}


Guess who finally sat up for longer than 2 seconds?!?!

Yay! Sitting but not crawling is my most favorite baby stage EVER!
We also made the trek to NoDa to take Ella's picture by the big number 5! I'll post pics at some point this weekend! 


Bennett had to go to the doctor for a re-check of some newborn screening that he had failed in the NICU. I realize he is not even close to being a newborn, but apparently they can't do this test within 4 months of a blood transfusion (the last of which was at the end of September) here we are. 

He's like, hey! I thought I was done with these heel warmers! You lied, Mom!

After that, we stopped at the bookstore so Lucas could play with the trains!

It was also my dad's birthday on Tuesday, so we had to wear our "Farmville" outfits and sing Happy Birthday to him! 


The boys and I went to Ella's preschool for her parent/teacher conference!

Lucas is so excited to go there next year!!! And Ella got a glowing report! 

I'm also happy to report that Bennett can now touch the bottom of his activity center without a pillow underneath!

And what would a Wednesday be without little brothers playing with trucks while Ella dances...

...and dinner/Avondale Adventures at church! The popsicles were such an interesting choice considering it was colder than cold outside. 


Birthday celebrations started for this chick! We headed to Dunkin Donuts bright and early to get donut holes to share with her class!

Bennett got bundled up... go to Ella's preschool for the second day in a row!
This time was to celebrate her birthday with the class!

She got to make a special birthday crown and got sung to!

She also picked out a toy from her teacher's birthday box!

AND, it was her turn for the "Sharing Box" so we stayed to watch her present what she had brought in for that as well!

We have a "small" birthday party tomorrow (I say small because it's only 5 of her closest friends, but who am I kidding...I will be up past midnight tonight getting stuff ready for it!) and then she will be 5 on Super Bowl Sunday! AHHHH! 

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