Sunday, February 24, 2019

Bennett Michael {6 months}

Dear Bennett,

Today you are officially half a year old! 180 days! 6 months! How in the world is that possible?! I honestly feel like you should only be 3 or 4 months right now, but nope! You are such a big boy!!! I can't believe we are already halfway to your first birthday! GAHHH! Time slow down!!!

Head circumference:

*We go to the doctor on Friday for your check up, so I'll update these stats then!

Clothes: You are in mostly 6 month stuff, with a few exceptions. You can still fit in 3 month pajamas and 3 month onesies (like the one you are wearing in these pics is 3 months)! A few brands, like Kissy Kissy, run small and you can wear 9 months in those! You've moved up to size 2 diapers this month!

Nicknames: Ben Ben, Benny Boy, Benny Boo Boo, Peanut, Little Peach, Littlest Peanut, Big Guy, Little Guy, Hellooo MEEEE, Baby "Bin-it" (Lucas calls you this!)

Milestones: This was a big month for you!!! You sat up unassisted, and continue to get better and better at it every day! You also FINALLY rolled over!!! You are now a rolling machine and are SO proud of yourself every time you do it! You can also almost get up on all fours and you so badly want to crawl and get places! You are also trying to roll back to belly, and you get about 75% of the way there. You are just moving, moving, moving and have managed a few times to totally flip yourself around at night in your crib--no idea how, but you did! You are starting to stand up while holding onto are pretty strong!!! You also love to "do crunches" in your Boppy lounger where you lift your head up super high off of it! 

Sleep: This one depends on who you ask ;) 
I think you sleep great! Daddy, on the other hand, hears every little noise you make and apparently, these noises happen frequently! (Side note: pretty sure we are the only parents in America where the MOM sleeps through everything!) Here is the situation: you go down around 7:00 PM and I think you sleep until at least 5:00 or 5:30 AM. Daddy will say, "Oh, you didn't hear him at 1:00 and at 3:00?!" So whatever is going on, at least you're not fussing enough to wake me up and you go right back to sleep! Thank you for that! 

Best Moment: When you finally rolled!!! I was so excited, I literally screamed!!!! 

Worst Moment: Probably today when I made you take a picture in that basket (above). You freaking HATE that thing!!! I'm sorry buddy! But in all seriousness, I can't think of anything this month! We've had such a good time this month!!

Likes: Your hands, eating rice cereal (I think?), people people people (you are SO social!), smiling at people, laughing at people, flirting with people, when people smile at you...kicking your legs, "swimming" in the bathtub, when your siblings make funny faces or sing to you, ceiling fans, being tickled under your neck. 

Dislikes: Well you're not mad often but... you did not like our large wicker basket and Mommy making you take pictures outside today! Ha! Also not a fan of being hungry, tired or cold (me either)!

Health: I was terrified you might get sick with all of the germs floating around Charlotte right now, but (**knock on wood**) you have avoided all of the gross stuff for now! 

Eating: We finally got around to giving you rice cereal, and at first you absolutely HATED it! Like screaming, crying, the whole 9 yards. Then, Ella started feeding it to you and you started to like it! Now, you polish off a whole bowl! You still prefer your hands, but you will eat the rice cereal if it's offered! I'm excited to try real, yummier food with you soon! 
As for milk, you are still nursing every 3 hours and we do 6 feedings a day. You still won't take a bottle. You'd rather starve than drink out of that thing!

Sweet little Ben Ben, how did we get so lucky?! You are the cutest, sweetest, happiest baby I've ever seen and we're so happy you're ours! Everyone always comments on what a doll you are! You are rarely mad or are such a chill 3rd child! You love people and I think you might be my most social child! You love to smile at anyone and everyone who will give you the time of day! Now, just please stop growing. You can sleep, sit, laugh and eat...what else do you need to do?! Stay 6 months old forever! 

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