Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ella Grace {6 months}

Dear Ella,

How the heck are you already half a year old already?!? It is so bittersweet that, as of today, you are closer to your first birthday than you are to your original birthday. GAH! Where does the time go?!? 

Height/Weight/Head Circumference: We go to the doctor Thursday, so I'll update these then! 

Clothes:  More and more of your 3-6 month clothes are fitting on your tiny self! Some of your 3-6 month dresses are still a little big, but everything else fits your pretty well. You've also {sadly} outgrown some of your 0-3 month bubbles and onesies (although, I keep trying to force them on your anyways!). I put you in a pair of 6-12 month jeans the other day, and they were ridiculously huge on you...but something tells me you'll be wearing them comfortably in no time! You are still hanging out in size 2 diapers. 

{fyi, the shirt you are wearing in these photos is still 0-3 months!}

Nicknames: Elle Belle, Peanut/Peanut Butter/Peanut Weanut/Princess of the Peanuts, My Little Stinky/Stinkyhead (with love!), Snuggle Bunny, Love Bug

Milestones: The big one this month is sitting up! You were so, so, SO close to doing it for over a month, but you finally sat up unassisted about 2 weeks ago, and now you do it all the time! You can even catch yourself if you start to topple over. You also love to stand up, and can basically stand without anyone holding onto you, if you are holding onto the table or couch. Is that normal this early?! I feel like you are so advanced! Although, every parent probably thinks that about their child!  But really, you are seriously the strongest baby....whenever I lay you on your back, you will do "crunches" and try to pull yourself up to look around! You also want to be on the move so badly!! When you are on your tummy, you try SO hard to usually just end up spinning your body around 90 degrees, though! But it sure is entertaining to watch! :)

Sleep: You continue to sleep amazingly at night! You still are going down around 9 PM and sleeping until 8AM! Naps, however, have been our cross to bear. You usually have no problem taking your morning nap, around 10AM. The mid-day and afternoon naps, however, are pretty much a free for all, and somedays you don't take EITHER of them, making for a very enjoyable evening. I have tried desperately to get you to nap in your crib...I close the blackout curtains, put your sound machine on, put you in your sleep sack and close the door. But for some reason, you just know you're missing out on something fun and you will just cry and scream until I come get you! You've screamed for an hour straight before, and I feel terrible that you are so miserable! But, if we are running errands or something, you have no problem drifting off for a quick 30 minute nap in your car seat. So I guess we just need to spend nap time in the car every day?! We may need to ask the pediatrician about this on Thursday...

Best Moment: When you could finally sit up all by yourself! It's so fun to see you become more and more independent! Also, I was so glad the we survived our trips to Ohio and are a pretty terrific little traveler!

Worst Moment: The cloth diaper debacle, although it was much worse for Mommy than it was for you. I think you were unaffected for the most part! 

Likes: You still love any type of crinkly toy, Sophie, balloons, sitting in your high chair, when Daddy or I blow raspberries on your tummy, playing "Pat-a-Cake," putting anything and everything in your mouth, sitting up to play the piano on your play mat, and the jumperoo/doorway jumper (or just jumping off mine or Daddy's legs). You are also very into other people's beverages (you think everything is for you!) and touching people's faces!

Dislikes: Being in unfamiliar and/or over-stimulating places, napping in your crib/involuntary naps in general. 

Health: Healthy, healthy, healthy girl! We are so thankful that you have been perfectly healthy for your first 6 months of life and hope that it continues!

Eating: We have tried rice cereal a few more times this month, and you are starting to like it more! You still are wary about the whole swallowing part, but sometimes we will give you a bottle nipple to help you. You definitely like to feed yourself/play with the spoon! When you nurse, you are still eating every 2.5-3 hours. Bottles are anywhere from 5-7 ounces per feeding. I am starting to get worried about my supply, because when I pump, sometimes I don't get as much milk as I used to! I am really proud of us for making it 6 months, but I would really like to continue breastfeeding for another 6 months if possible! Even though I hate doing it, I know it is so good for you, and let's face it: I am way too cheap to buy formula! Ha!

My sweet, sweet girl... I can't believe you've been here for 6 whole months! This time last year, we thought you were a boy (Can you imagine?! Sorry!) and I was still crazy nauseous! How is that in just 6 more short months, we will be celebrating your first birthday?!?! Ahhh! Slow down, time!!! I love the little personality you're continuing to are so funny and entertaining! You just crack me up daily, with your sounds and funny faces! Everywhere we go, people just LOVE you! Everyone seems to think you are the cutest, sweetest little thing, and of course we agree with them 100%! We love you, sweet Ella Grace!


  1. Her eyes are so big and adorable!! She's so photogenic. She could totally be a baby model!