Monday, August 4, 2014

Life with Ella {26 weeks}

{shirt: Gymboree-sold out; Skirted Striped Bloomer}

It's been another busy week!! 

Monday we had lots of fun playing with mommy's deflated birthday balloons!

On Tuesday, we went grocery shopping (and tried not to slobber all over the ezekiel bread!)...

...and took a walk (because it was finally not 3928 degrees!)!!

On Wednesday, there were 2 recalls on my car, so I had to take it into the dealership to get checked. While they were looking at that, they my front brakes were almost completely shot. So I had to get new brakes! Yay.

Ella was bored. 
After that, we went to get supplies for her 1/2 birthday cake. Yes, I made her (ok, fine, really me because she can't eat it) a 1/2 birthday cake. 

And then we met some friends for dinner at Tupelo Honey (SOOO good!), where Ella sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time!

Thursday was our usual story time at the library, with some friends!

Side note: I didn't realize Ella and I were wearing pretty much the same outfit until I got to the library. And then I felt like a huge dork. 

I'm so sad they don't do story time for the entire month of August! :( We'll see in you in September, library!

Then, I was feeling ambitious, so we went to Lowe's to get supplies to make a photo backdrop (I had planned on using it for Ella's 6 month photo shoot, but spoiler alert: it didn't really work out). 

We also baked Ella's 1/2 birthday cake!

I will post pics of the finished product soon!

On Friday, we met Kathryn for pedicures!

Then, Ella stayed with her dad while I went to the Knights' game for Kathryn's birthday! It was super misty/muggy/cold, but still fun!

Also, I know I write on here all the time about Ella's firsts, but please note that this was a first for me: wearing long sleeves in North Carolina in August! Crazy weather!!

On Saturday, because we are crazy wanted to see Bethenny Frankel, we decided to hit up the new outlet mall that just opened here in Charlotte!

To prepare ourselves, we first had mimosas (me) and snuggles with Auntie Kaffy (Ella) at Janelle's house before joining the masses at the outlet. 

Janelle lives right by the outlet, but since traffic was horrendous, it took us a while to get there. They actually blocked off the parking lot (even though there were plenty of spaces, what the heck?!?), so we ended up parking in the grass. All of the sitting in traffic really wore Ella out!

But then, we got to see Bethenny!!

Ella's first celebrity!!! 
Of course, Bethenny thought Ella was adorable, and it bought us a little more time to talk to her! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures with her, so the pic above was the best I got!

Bethenny was super nice, and one of my favorite housewives I've ever met (I've also met Adrienne from RHOBH, Teresa from RHONJ and Kathy from RHONJ), but I gotta say, Kathy and Rich from NJ were still by far the nicest! :) 
(Sorry Bethenny, I still love you, but I couldn't even take a pic with you!)

After that whirlwind, we did a little shopping!

{in Kate Spade}

{Janie & cute is this sweater and beret?!?! }

When we finally got home (after 7 hours...I will say that the outlet had a fabulous little lounge for nursing! With a glider and TV!), Ella decided she wanted to show us some more tricks, and stood up without anyone holding on to her! (She is holding on to the table though, obviously.)

Sunday was Ella's BIG 6 month/Half a year birthday! So of course, we had to wear the onesie I ordered with a tutu made by my mom...and what birthday outfit would be complete without a birthday crown?!?!

I had to leave my birthday princess for a few hours, to go to my friend, Chelsea's, baby shower!!

We got to taste baby food (yuck!) and make super cute headbands (yay!) for Chelsea's little girl who will be arriving in October! 

The headbands were super fun and easy to make...her sister got a kit at Michael's and we just had to glue the pieces together! I might even go buy one and make some more headbands for Elle Belle!

We finished our weekend off by watching Sunday Night Football! It was the first football game since Ella was born (3 hours after Super Bowl Sunday), so it seemed like an appropriate thing to do on her half birthday!!

I'll be sharing the photos from Ella's 6 month photo shoot super soon! 
Have a great week! :)


  1. WHEW!! I'm worn out! You've been busy! I would have about died to see and meet Bethenny. Was she as skinny in person as she looks in pictures and on TV???
    Also, Shelby and I color coordinate all the time. Dork?? WHY YES, but who cares :) Makes for better pictures too.

  2. I love that you celebrated Ella's 1/2 birthday!! And went to the new outlets! I was going to wait a few months before attempting that but the sales sounded incredible!

  3. We went to Tupelo Honey in Asheville (Per your instructions) and it was delish! I didn't know they had a Charlotte location!