Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ella's 6 month photo shoot

Having a July birthday and never being able to celebrate my birthday at school, I've always been a big fan of half birthdays! So I knew we had to celebrate Ella's first 6 months of life last Sunday with (what else?!) a photo shoot!

I took these myself, and disclaimer: I am not anywhere near a professional photographer. Add to the mix that my husband was golfing and the bugs were eating me I'm pretty surprised these turned out as good as they did! :) 

Enjoy a few of my faves!

{1/2 birthday onesie / crown headband / tutu made by my mom!}

{Also, I am not a professional cake baker/decorator! Don't look too close ;)}

{These balloons were almost more hassle than they were worth...the blades of grass kept popping them!}

{This might be my absolute fave of the whole bunch...Trav came home from golfing and came into the backyard to see what we were up to. This is how Ella greeted him. She just loves her dad! Melt. my. heart.}

{Then I got the bright idea to recreate some of Ella's newborn pics...haha}

{I was so excited that her owl hat and bloomers still fit!!!!}

Ok, so that was more than just a few ;) But you know how I am...

Now I know why professional photographers charge so much! This was a lot of work!! 
But I can never have too many pictures of my sweet girl!