Thursday, August 7, 2014

Six Month Favorites

A few of our favorites for month 6!

With the whole cloth diaper disaster (and omg, I promise I'll stop mentioning it!), I figured my favorite disposable products should be mentioned this month! :)

1. Pampers swaddles are my favorite diaper! And we've tried LOTS! Luvs and Huggies were a complete joke (leaked pretty much every time!), and Honest Co. I found ran a little small (although the designs were super cute). Runner up award I would give to the Target brand; they are always on the Cartwheel app and have held in some pretty legit blowouts. But they're not Pampers. 
2. Diaper pail: This one rocks because it takes regular garbage bags and it doesn't smell funky because it's metal, not plastic!
3. Target diaper cream: Again, always on the Cartwheel app (how did I live before that app?!), and has cleared up some pretty intense diaper rash. (I use the maximum strength variety, but couldn't find that online.)
4. A+D: I like this stuff for the everyday prevention of diaper rash. We use it every diaper change.
5. Wipes: We have tried a lot of different wipes, too. I actually like Huggies wipes better than Pampers (Pampers seem too chemically and "wet" if that makes any sense?), but because I'm cheap (hello, this is wiping your baby's butt), I just use the Target brand...again, always on the Cartwheel app!

Next up, feeding stuff...we are just getting into food, but here's what I love so far!

1. High chair: I love this high chair because it doesn't have cheesy designs, it doesn't take up tons of space, and it's incredibly easy to clean!
2. Bowls and spoons: These can go in the dishwasher (a must for me!) and they are also very durable when my child decides to throw them onto the floor. 

Last but not least, a few toys!

1. Giraffe: I found this at Target, and I love it because it has the crinkly stuff Ella loves, and the feet are teethers, so she can chew on it, too! 
2. Bouncy Baton: By far, the best $3 my parents have ever spent. Ella is obsessed with this thing, it's ridiculous. I'm going to cry when the battery runs out.
3. Oballs: Ella loves to put these in her mouth, roll them, and shake them. They also make them in football shapes!
4. Bubbles: I finally figured out that these are the bubbles they use at the library during story hour! They last forever and make tons of teeny tiny bubbles!

Now, if only there was a "favorite" that could magically get my baby to nap?!?! 


  1. I ditched the diaper pail last month for good. I was over it and she's wearing less diapers and using the potty more. Went to the curb last trash day :)

  2. I love Ella's favorite things! She's like Oprah!