Friday, March 23, 2018

PARTY OF FIVE on Friday!!

Today my Five on Friday is our family!!!

Mindy | Travis | Ella | Lucas | BABY FERG #3!

Yep, that's right...I'm pregnant again!!!

Here are a few answers to some questions I've been getting, along with some outtakes from our "photo shoot" (side note: I can barely get two kids to cooperate and take am I going to get pictures of all 3?!?!)

1. When are you due?
September 27! I'm about 13 weeks along :)

2. Is all the stuff that happened with Lucas going to happen to this baby?
As far as we know right now, unfortunately yes. {Click here if you need a refresher with Lucas's whole ordeal.} The high risk doctor won't see me until 18 weeks, at which point, I will begin weekly scans...UNLESS by some small miracle, the baby has a negative blood type. Then I won't need any intervention at all! So until we find out for sure, we would love any prayers that this baby has a negative blood type! I'll definitely keep you posted on here!

3. How are you feeling?
I'm ok. I've been suuuuuuuper tired and suuuuuuuper hungry. I was also occasionally nauseous but never threw up.

4. Are you going to find out the gender?
Nope!! I want to be surprised this time! We have girl stuff and boy I'm good with either! Trav really wants to find out though, but hopefully I win out on this one!

5. What do Ella and Lucas (and Travis) think about this?
Trav was shocked to say the least! This was definitely a surprise! Ella is super excited and keeps telling everyone about her baby sister (even though we remind her that it could also be a boy...)! Lucas has absolutely no clue what's going on ;)

So yayyyyyy, Baby Ferg #3!!!!

{Linking up with April, and thanks girl for letting me steal your idea 😉}

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ella and Lucas's Easter Baskets

I can't believe Easter is only 11 days away! 
I thought I would share what my kids will be getting from the Easter Bunny this year, in case anyone still needed ideas!

Confession: most of this stuff came from consignment sales and the Dollar Store, so I definitely did not spend very much money! (I did link most things to Amazon though, because, well, Dollar Tree and consignment sales don't offer online shopping, ha!)

Egg Chalk (Target dollar spot!)
Bubble Wand (Lucas is getting one of these them at the Dollar Tree because Target was out of the bunny ones!)
Frozen Kite (again, Dollar Tree!)

I also got her this shirt and these flip-flops from Old Navy!

Trains: Thomas | Kelly | Toby (they all came together in a bag at a consignment sale!)
Small Fire Truck (Dollar Tree! Because a big one wouldn't fit in his Easter basket 😉)
Paw Patrol Kite (from, yet again, the dollar store!) 

He's also getting a bubble wand, this shirt and these flip-flops

Of course, they both will be getting lots of chocolate in those baskets as well! 
Can't wait for Easter! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We had a fun little weekend! 

On Friday, in addition to watching too much basketball...

...we played outside...

...and took Ella's doll for a walk! 

Saturday morning, we had the excitement of waiting around for the cable guy to fix the cable box in our bonus we tried to take a picture of Ella and Lucas in their St. Patrick's Day attire!

Spoiler alert: it did not go well. Trav def had to help me and even then, we couldn't get Lucas to sit still and cooperate!

Finally, just as the cable guy was finishing up (2 hours later, not even kidding), Lucas decided to smile!

We celebrated by taking the kids to the Nature Museum!

Lucas loved cooing at the dove they had!

We also got to go in the planetarium for a little show...Ella was mostly excited about laying on the bean bags and looking at "sky." 

Saturday night, while Trav was watching basketball, I did some online tutoring! I just started doing this (I honestly thought it was a scam at first!) of my friends told me about it, and so far I really like it! I may do a whole post about it once I get a little more in to it :) 

{My first kid did not show up, so I was bored...but then I taught 3 kids after that so it was all good!}

On Sunday, Ella got to go to the Princess Tea at the YMCA! It is an annual event put on by the dance department for those who donate to the Y. They had 4 princesses there, and lots of fun crafts, activities and food!

Ella had the best time, but I think her favorite part was dancing with the princesses! (Although, she told me it was eating 😂)

After the Princess Tea, we came home to the most depressing few hours of college basketball I have ever witnessed...first Michigan State lost, then UNC got blown out (I think Trav is still recovering today from that loss), and even Ella's favorite team, Marshall (thanks Paw Patrol) ended their tournament run. Villanova is really the only team left in my go Villanova?! Just please, anyone but Duke. ANYONE. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Arts and Crafts

Since it was so rainy and cold this past weekend, I tried to keep Ella busy with a few things from my teaching days for St. Patrick's Day! I wanted to share in case you and your little leprechauns want to make something festive for Saturday! :)

First up, a leprechaun mask! 
You will need:
-paper plate with the middle cut out
-5 strips of orange paper (mine were about 1.5" thick)
-hat shape drawn on green paper
-small gray square (you could also use aluminum foil)

Color the paper plate orange.

Cut out the hat (I let Ella do it because she needs practice...clearly...and also because she has "kid" scissors).

On the gray square, draw a smaller black square for the "buckle." 

Take each strip of orange paper and wrap them around a marker or pencil to make them curly. 

Glue everything on, and viola! A leprechaun mask!

{Please ignore the mess in the background...we have a real life leprechaun living in our house named Lucas ;) who decided to make a huge mess while Ella and I were having arts and crafts time!}

We also did the perennial favorite, graphing Lucky Charms!

{I used this printable}

We made Shamrock Sun-catchers! I love making these for each season!

Here are the directions! The only change I made was to spray the tissue paper with water before putting a second piece of contact paper down, to help the colors run a little bit.

I also cheated and used one of the shamrock tracers I still had from my classroom!

Elsa, I mean Ella, was very excited about her sun catcher! She insisted on wearing her Elsa dress for about 80% of these activities. 

Last but not least, we made a rainbow with Fruit Loops!

I got the printable here. I had Ella color each row before putting the Fruit Loops on so she knew which color went where. 

We discovered that the Aldi brand of Fruit Loops that I bought did NOT have blue in it! Whoops. I think our rainbow looks great anyway :)

After nap today, we might make these Lucky Charm Treats I have seen circulating around Pinterest! They look super yummy!

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Five on Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

Sorry I’ve been so absent from this little space of mine...I wish I had a good excuse but frankly, we just don’t have that much going on this time of year! No birthdays, no fun seasonal things...we’ve just been very low key and blah lately, which is kind of a welcome chance of pace!


1. I feel like I need to give a few thoughts on the Bachelor finale. 
-I love Becca, and can’t wait for her season of the Bachelorette. Yes, after Monday night I swore I’d never watch this crap again, but then ABC went ahead and named Becca bachelorette Tuesday night so...
-speaking of Becca, she reminds me of a strange combination of Jessica Garvin and Kristen from Vanderpump Rules. Anyone else see it?! 
-Arie definitely is my #1 worst bachelor everrrr, surpassing both Nick and Juan Pablo by at least 10 miles.

2. Moving on! I’m selling way too many of my kids clothes at my favorite consignment sale this weekend and if you’re in Charlotte, you should definitely check it out!! Here is what my car looked like yesterday on our way to drop everything off! 

The good news is that I’ve regained a little bit of my guest room closet! (Minus the dress up clothes, a few Well Dressed Wolf outfits, my wedding dress, some formal dresses and a large stash of off-season clothes!) 

3. Pro tip for consignment sale shopping: take a picture of your kids’ drawers/closets so you know what you already have. Ella needs some shorts for this summer pretty badly, so I snapped a quick pic of her shorts/capris drawer so I can make sure I’m not buying a color/style she already has. Much easier than making a list of what you already own (although I do love a good list)! 

4. Dr. Seuss’s birthday was last Friday and we celebrated by making these cute little cat in the hat props! Well, Ella made them...Lucas ripped his as soon as we tried to get him to take a picture with it. March is reading month, so by all means, you can certainly still make your own! Here is the link!! 

5. Sunday is one of my favorite days ever! Selection Sunday!!!! Yay!!! I’ll be making my favorite enchiladas, as our annual tradition!! Hope UNC gets a decent spot! Can’t wait to make my brackets with my kids!!

{Don't forget how last year turned out!!! Probably not happening this year, but hey we can all dream, right?!}

Have a great weekend!!!