Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {March}

Happy Hump Day, friends! Time for a monthly round-up of life around here!

1. What we're eating this week
Trav has been on a Mediterranean diet kick, and I've coincidentally been craving Mediterranean food, so he's been cooking up lots of yummy things from that area of the world. We've had some delicious salmon, chicken kabobs, chicken salad wraps, and lots of couscous. I don't have any recipes because Trav has been making a lot of them up himself, but everything is SO yummy!

2. What I'm reminiscing about

Looking back through old Easter pics, I found these from my absolute favorite photo shoot I ever subjected Ella to!

I tried it last year with Lucas, but seeing as he was about 9 months older than Ella was when I took hers, he decided he was too old for this garbage and hated every second!

3. What I'm loving

That spring finally got its act together and it's FINALLY supposed to warm up! I have been freezing over here!!!

4. What we've been up to

5. What I'm dreading

All of the pollen and the spring cleaning that comes along with it. Our screened-in porch is just a disaster and needs a good power-washing. I am dreading that. 

6. What I'm working on

Ummm, does growing a human count?! Ha! I've also been having lots of fun doing my online tutoring gig that I just started a few weeks ago! The kids have all been super cute and eager to learn! 

7. What I'm excited about

Warmer weather!!! More park play dates, spring clothes, grilling out, I want all of it! 

8. What I'm watching/reading

Still watching the train wrecks that are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. I am currently reading The Girl With Seven Names, which was actually recommended by Shay

It is really good, and I have a hard time putting it down every night! It is all about a girl who escaped from North Korea...and maybe y'all will think I am totally living in a bubble here, but I had no idea how backwards and outdated things were in that country! It is a really interesting read for sure. 

9. What I'm listening to

This is going to sound so dumb, but a while ago, my fav Emily Ley posted something about silence and how sometimes we need to just turn all that noise OFF. So I've been turning down the radio in my car (unless Ella is requesting to hear a certain song), and just talking to my kids and enjoying the quiet. It's been really nice!

10. What I'm wearing

Miraculously, still not maternity clothes although they are prob coming super soon (like in the next week or so). I am SOOOO over my winter clothes, ps. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend

 One of my best friends from high school is stopping to visit us on her way to the beach with her family! We are also planning on taking the kids to see the Easter Bunny, and of course celebrating Easter on Sunday! 
Here's a few pics of my kids with the creepy EB in past years!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month


13. What else is new

Not much, just suffering a little bit of seasonal allergies along with everyone else here in Charlotte (fun fact: did you know that Charlotte is the one of the worst city in the country for seasonal allergies?! Its true. They are awful here!)

Bonus question: What is your favorite Easter tradition?

Getting dressed up in new spring clothes (kids' Easter clothes are my FAVORITE!) and going to church! Look at these sweet babies from last year!


Monday, March 26, 2018

ALL of the Easter Things!

This was the weekend where we did every Easter activity possible.

Dye Easter eggs? Check.
Go on an Easter egg hunt (or 3)? Check.
See the Easter bunny? Check.

First up was the egg hunt at Queen's University on Saturday morning! 
Last year, we basically had to pick up the eggs for Lucas, since he wasn't walking yet and had no clue what was going on. This year, he was so into it and was all about getting those eggs!

Ella was on a different lawn with Trav, but she got just as many eggs!

{Side note: it was freezing. I'm pretty sure we saw sleet on our walk back to the car. Spring, where are you?!}

The Easter Bunny was there too! And Lucas wasn't terrified of it! Woohoo! 

Saturday afternoon, we dyed Easter eggs!

{Please ignore the messy kitchen behind her!}

Lucas sat in his high chair, eating the cracked eggs, while Ella so diligently dyed the rest! 

Sunday morning, it was time for another Easter egg hunt, this time at church!

I went with Ella for this hunt, and Trav went with Lucas. {Who knows what the heck we will do on these Easter egg hunts with THREE kids?!?!}

Lucas's favorite part was getting the eggs out of the trees!

And, just when you thought we were done with Easter egg hunts....oh no, friends! That afternoon we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt! 

Because they had different start times for different ages, we all got to watch Lucas, and then Ella get their eggs. Last year, Lucas took too long and we actually missed the start of Ella's age group's hunt. Luckily that did not happen this year! 

Ella really wanted to decorate her dyed eggs, so after our neighborhood egg hunt, that is what she did! 

And by "decorate," I mean she put Paw Patrol (for her) and Mickey Mouse (for Lucas) stickers on them.

Was that enough Easter fun crammed into one weekend?! 

Friday, March 23, 2018

PARTY OF FIVE on Friday!!

Today my Five on Friday is our family!!!

Mindy | Travis | Ella | Lucas | BABY FERG #3!

Yep, that's right...I'm pregnant again!!!

Here are a few answers to some questions I've been getting, along with some outtakes from our "photo shoot" (side note: I can barely get two kids to cooperate and take am I going to get pictures of all 3?!?!)

1. When are you due?
September 27! I'm about 13 weeks along :)

2. Is all the stuff that happened with Lucas going to happen to this baby?
As far as we know right now, unfortunately yes. {Click here if you need a refresher with Lucas's whole ordeal.} The high risk doctor won't see me until 18 weeks, at which point, I will begin weekly scans...UNLESS by some small miracle, the baby has a negative blood type. Then I won't need any intervention at all! So until we find out for sure, we would love any prayers that this baby has a negative blood type! I'll definitely keep you posted on here!

3. How are you feeling?
I'm ok. I've been suuuuuuuper tired and suuuuuuuper hungry. I was also occasionally nauseous but never threw up.

4. Are you going to find out the gender?
Nope!! I want to be surprised this time! We have girl stuff and boy I'm good with either! Trav really wants to find out though, but hopefully I win out on this one!

5. What do Ella and Lucas (and Travis) think about this?
Trav was shocked to say the least! This was definitely a surprise! Ella is super excited and keeps telling everyone about her baby sister (even though we remind her that it could also be a boy...)! Lucas has absolutely no clue what's going on ;)

So yayyyyyy, Baby Ferg #3!!!!

{Linking up with April, and thanks girl for letting me steal your idea 😉}

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ella and Lucas's Easter Baskets

I can't believe Easter is only 11 days away! 
I thought I would share what my kids will be getting from the Easter Bunny this year, in case anyone still needed ideas!

Confession: most of this stuff came from consignment sales and the Dollar Store, so I definitely did not spend very much money! (I did link most things to Amazon though, because, well, Dollar Tree and consignment sales don't offer online shopping, ha!)

Egg Chalk (Target dollar spot!)
Bubble Wand (Lucas is getting one of these them at the Dollar Tree because Target was out of the bunny ones!)
Frozen Kite (again, Dollar Tree!)

I also got her this shirt and these flip-flops from Old Navy!

Trains: Thomas | Kelly | Toby (they all came together in a bag at a consignment sale!)
Small Fire Truck (Dollar Tree! Because a big one wouldn't fit in his Easter basket 😉)
Paw Patrol Kite (from, yet again, the dollar store!) 

He's also getting a bubble wand, this shirt and these flip-flops

Of course, they both will be getting lots of chocolate in those baskets as well! 
Can't wait for Easter! 

Monday, March 19, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We had a fun little weekend! 

On Friday, in addition to watching too much basketball...

...we played outside...

...and took Ella's doll for a walk! 

Saturday morning, we had the excitement of waiting around for the cable guy to fix the cable box in our bonus we tried to take a picture of Ella and Lucas in their St. Patrick's Day attire!

Spoiler alert: it did not go well. Trav def had to help me and even then, we couldn't get Lucas to sit still and cooperate!

Finally, just as the cable guy was finishing up (2 hours later, not even kidding), Lucas decided to smile!

We celebrated by taking the kids to the Nature Museum!

Lucas loved cooing at the dove they had!

We also got to go in the planetarium for a little show...Ella was mostly excited about laying on the bean bags and looking at "sky." 

Saturday night, while Trav was watching basketball, I did some online tutoring! I just started doing this (I honestly thought it was a scam at first!) of my friends told me about it, and so far I really like it! I may do a whole post about it once I get a little more in to it :) 

{My first kid did not show up, so I was bored...but then I taught 3 kids after that so it was all good!}

On Sunday, Ella got to go to the Princess Tea at the YMCA! It is an annual event put on by the dance department for those who donate to the Y. They had 4 princesses there, and lots of fun crafts, activities and food!

Ella had the best time, but I think her favorite part was dancing with the princesses! (Although, she told me it was eating 😂)

After the Princess Tea, we came home to the most depressing few hours of college basketball I have ever witnessed...first Michigan State lost, then UNC got blown out (I think Trav is still recovering today from that loss), and even Ella's favorite team, Marshall (thanks Paw Patrol) ended their tournament run. Villanova is really the only team left in my go Villanova?! Just please, anyone but Duke. ANYONE.