Friday, March 23, 2018

PARTY OF FIVE on Friday!!

Today my Five on Friday is our family!!!

Mindy | Travis | Ella | Lucas | BABY FERG #3!

Yep, that's right...I'm pregnant again!!!

Here are a few answers to some questions I've been getting, along with some outtakes from our "photo shoot" (side note: I can barely get two kids to cooperate and take am I going to get pictures of all 3?!?!)

1. When are you due?
September 27! I'm about 13 weeks along :)

2. Is all the stuff that happened with Lucas going to happen to this baby?
As far as we know right now, unfortunately yes. {Click here if you need a refresher with Lucas's whole ordeal.} The high risk doctor won't see me until 18 weeks, at which point, I will begin weekly scans...UNLESS by some small miracle, the baby has a negative blood type. Then I won't need any intervention at all! So until we find out for sure, we would love any prayers that this baby has a negative blood type! I'll definitely keep you posted on here!

3. How are you feeling?
I'm ok. I've been suuuuuuuper tired and suuuuuuuper hungry. I was also occasionally nauseous but never threw up.

4. Are you going to find out the gender?
Nope!! I want to be surprised this time! We have girl stuff and boy I'm good with either! Trav really wants to find out though, but hopefully I win out on this one!

5. What do Ella and Lucas (and Travis) think about this?
Trav was shocked to say the least! This was definitely a surprise! Ella is super excited and keeps telling everyone about her baby sister (even though we remind her that it could also be a boy...)! Lucas has absolutely no clue what's going on ;)

So yayyyyyy, Baby Ferg #3!!!!

{Linking up with April, and thanks girl for letting me steal your idea 😉}


  1. I am so, so, SO excited about this! Can't wait to meet that sweet little babe. Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and fingers crossed that this babe has a negative blood type to make things easier for all the Fergs.

  2. Congrats!! I hope and pray your baby won’t have to go through what your sweet Lucas went through with the hemolytic anemia. If you do have another boy, please check out - it’s a wonderful nonprofit organization. Blessings to you!!