Tuesday, March 13, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Arts and Crafts

Since it was so rainy and cold this past weekend, I tried to keep Ella busy with a few things from my teaching days for St. Patrick's Day! I wanted to share in case you and your little leprechauns want to make something festive for Saturday! :)

First up, a leprechaun mask! 
You will need:
-paper plate with the middle cut out
-5 strips of orange paper (mine were about 1.5" thick)
-hat shape drawn on green paper
-small gray square (you could also use aluminum foil)

Color the paper plate orange.

Cut out the hat (I let Ella do it because she needs practice...clearly...and also because she has "kid" scissors).

On the gray square, draw a smaller black square for the "buckle." 

Take each strip of orange paper and wrap them around a marker or pencil to make them curly. 

Glue everything on, and viola! A leprechaun mask!

{Please ignore the mess in the background...we have a real life leprechaun living in our house named Lucas ;) who decided to make a huge mess while Ella and I were having arts and crafts time!}

We also did the perennial favorite, graphing Lucky Charms!

{I used this printable}

We made Shamrock Sun-catchers! I love making these for each season!

Here are the directions! The only change I made was to spray the tissue paper with water before putting a second piece of contact paper down, to help the colors run a little bit.

I also cheated and used one of the shamrock tracers I still had from my classroom!

Elsa, I mean Ella, was very excited about her sun catcher! She insisted on wearing her Elsa dress for about 80% of these activities. 

Last but not least, we made a rainbow with Fruit Loops!

I got the printable here. I had Ella color each row before putting the Fruit Loops on so she knew which color went where. 

We discovered that the Aldi brand of Fruit Loops that I bought did NOT have blue in it! Whoops. I think our rainbow looks great anyway :)

After nap today, we might make these Lucky Charm Treats I have seen circulating around Pinterest! They look super yummy!

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!

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