Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ella and Lucas's Easter Baskets

I can't believe Easter is only 11 days away! 
I thought I would share what my kids will be getting from the Easter Bunny this year, in case anyone still needed ideas!

Confession: most of this stuff came from consignment sales and the Dollar Store, so I definitely did not spend very much money! (I did link most things to Amazon though, because, well, Dollar Tree and consignment sales don't offer online shopping, ha!)

Egg Chalk (Target dollar spot!)
Bubble Wand (Lucas is getting one of these them at the Dollar Tree because Target was out of the bunny ones!)
Frozen Kite (again, Dollar Tree!)

I also got her this shirt and these flip-flops from Old Navy!

Trains: Thomas | Kelly | Toby (they all came together in a bag at a consignment sale!)
Small Fire Truck (Dollar Tree! Because a big one wouldn't fit in his Easter basket 😉)
Paw Patrol Kite (from, yet again, the dollar store!) 

He's also getting a bubble wand, this shirt and these flip-flops

Of course, they both will be getting lots of chocolate in those baskets as well! 
Can't wait for Easter!