Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 10}

I can't believe this sweet boy is already in the double digits!

Here's a look at what we've been up to in this HEAT! OMG, is it hot outside....ugh.

Last Thursday, we snuck into story time. They were all filled up by the time we got to the front of the line! Luckily, we had friends inside who {illegally} let us in. Don't tell anyone!

We also had Lucas's 2 month check up. The power was out in the exam rooms, so that was definitely interesting!

The pediatrician pulled Lucas out in the hallway (where there were lights) to check out his head shape closely, since I was a little worried it was flat. Sure enough, it is mildly flat on one side. Oh Lucas, always something! The ped gave us a few neck exercises to do with Lucas, but wasn't too concerned. Apparently it is very common at this age and usually works itself out without requiring physical therapy or a fingers crossed!

We rewarded Lucas for surviving his 2 month shots with a traditional trip to the mall! 

Friday, we hit up Toys & Co for music time. We also saw the nurse who helped deliver Lucas there! She was so excited to see him again!

Of course we also had to play with the train table....and all of the other toys there. So fun. 

Pretty sure Ella wanted to take everything on this wall home with her. 

With Lucas's little head issue, I decided Friday would be a good time to get the Bumbo chair out. He really likes sitting in it and does a great job with his neck/head control! 

Saturday, we went to the pool. Lucas stayed home with Trav because it was 9 million degrees out. 

After nap, one of our friends had some gift cards to the movie theater that she wanted to share with us, so we all got to see Finding Dory again...this time Trav came, too! 

Sunday, we tried another new chair: the sit me up. They didn't have these when Ella was this age, but I scored one off a Facebook group and I LOVE this thing. 

Lucas loves it too! 

Monday we didn't do too much except play excessively with Snapchat face filters. 

Tuesday we went to Sky Zone!

Yesterday, we tried to go to story time...but again, they were full. I guess because it's so hot out, people are hitting up story time like crazy?! I've never had an issue getting in until this past week! 

Lucas was not happy about missing out on story time...

So we just played with the toys in the kids' section! 

Yesterday afternoon was this guy's first time in the Ergo

I had a different carrier with Ella, and once she got to be about Lucas's weight (12 pounds), it really started hurting my back. I don't think I am going to have that issue with the was so comfortable and I wore Lucas around for over an hour while vacuuming without a problem! 

I am continuing to rack my brain for indoor activities...if you have any new suggestions, please send them my way! Poor Ella just keeps asking to go to the playground. Bless her. 

Stay cool out there!!! 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Life with Lucas {Week 9}

Lucas has officially taken over this blog...and I am ok with that! 
I mean, just look at him!

{Don't worry, Ella's still my best girl and will continue to bombard this blog, too!}

We wrapped up our time at my parents' last week by coloring...

...having a very eventful dinner at the Mexican restaurant in their town (think: terrible 2's to the on the wall, toddler under the nightmare.)...

...and teaching my dad about Paw Patrol. Ella is so into Paw Patrol; it is getting a little out of hand!

We drove home last Friday. Thanks to a wreck on I-85 and then hitting rush hour traffic in Charlotte, the 3.5 hour trip took us FIVE hours. Ugh. 

Trav also got delayed on his flight back to Charlotte, but by 9 PM we were all home and happy! And not traveling anywhere for a while! 

Saturday morning, my friend from Ohio stopped in Charlotte on her family's way to Hilton Head! Every restaurant had a pretty big wait for brunch, so with 5 kids between the 2 of us, we just took them to Chick Fil A! 

Ella did not seem to mind, especially since she consumed 2 big packs of ketchup there. Gross!

Look at all those babies!! Yep, Ang has twins!!! 

Sunday we didn't do a whole lot. We needed a day to just recover from our travels, do 180 loads of laundry and clean my disaster of a house! 

Monday, we finally made it see Finding Dory!

It was Ella's first time seeing a movie in the theater (and obviously, Lucas's as well) and she did great! And look how excited Lucas was about it!
The movie theater we went to was are just $5 weekday mornings and each theater has these huge lazy-boy type chairs so you can spread out a little bit and kick up your feet. Highly recommend going here if you're in Charlotte (it's the one in Carolina Pavilion on South Blvd, behind Target)! 

Tuesday, we celebrated Lucas's 2 months with, you guessed it, another doctor's appointment!

The clinic we have been going to for his hemoglobin checks has these masks with Mickey Mouse and friends on them. Ella always wants to wear them when we are there!

Lucas did so well that we don't have to go for another check up there until the end of August!!! Woohoo!!!!

Wednesday, we went to story time!
I am so sad our library will be closing next week for 18 months due to renovations! We are definitely trying to soak up our time there!

This next week we have NO doctor's appointments!!! I can hardly believe it! 
This will be the first week I do not have to drive up to the hospital area since mid-April! (The hospital, my OB and high risk OB, our pediatrician, my derm and Lucas's hematologist are all within a 5 minute vicinity of each other)! I don't even know what we are going to do with our free time!!! 
Happy Friday! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lucas's First Trip to the Zoo

Last week, while we were visiting my parents in Virginia, we went to the Richmond Zoo! It was SUPER hot, but we powered through the heat and had a really fun day! 

It was Lucas's first trip to the zoo! 
{To see Ella's first trip at 5 months, click here! And here's last year's zoo trip for fun, too!}

Ella loved riding on the carousel while Lucas watched :)

Ella absolutely refused to cooperate for pictures for about 80% of our time at the zoo. So I have lots of shots like the one above.

Does she look hot?!

Lucas finally managed to break free of his car seat for some pictures in the hot sun. Totally should have brought his sunglasses, or at least a hat!

Oh, and of course Ella and Lucas had matching outfits!

Then it was time to feed the giraffes!! Always a favorite part of our zoo trips!

{This giraffe was able to cooperate for pictures much better than my 2 year old...just sayin}

{Fist pump for the zoo!}

Next up was the birds...please notice my child trying to climb into the birds' area. 

I think Lucas liked the camels?

Ella was obsessed with the goats. OBSESSED. She has absolutely no fear of them hurting her with their horns...she just reached right into their pen! She wanted to make some new friends, I guess.

Lucas, on the other hand, could care less about the goats.

After our zoo trip:
"Ella what was your favorite animal at the zoo?" 
See him in the pic above? Rameses?! Clearly it's him. 

{We told Ella she could sit in this choo-choo if she went potty. I am not above bribing my children in any situation.}

We thought we should take Lucas's picture by the stork...since, you know, the stork brought him. Although not really...because if that were the case, he wouldn't have all of these blood issues!

Pretty sure Lucas was trying to say "Stop taking all these pictures, Mom!!!"

I had actually brought my double stroller, since I figured Ella would want to ride in it for at least some of our time at the zoo. But, no, she did not. She walked pretty much the entire morning, except for the last little bit, when all she wanted to do was ride on Nay Nay's shoulders. 

Oh, my poor sweaty children.

I think next time we go to the zoo, we need to pick a day where it's not 90 degrees!
But thanks, Mom and Dad, for another fun zoo day!