Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fun in Farmville!

Yes, my parents really do live in a town called Farmville. Like the Facebook game. I know

Anyways! They were really missing Ella so they begged me to take a little road trip up and see them last week. Unfortunately, Ella decided to share her little stomach bug (that she had 2 weeks ago) with me, so I was pretty much dying half the time we were in Farmville. But Ella had fun!

Thursday we just hung around the bathroom house, but Nay Nay introduced playdoh to Ella.

They made lots of Ella's favorite animal...turtles!

And then played with shells. Homegirl needs a beach vacay, stat!

Friday, I was feeling a little better, so we went to the zoo! We went last year when Ella was 5 months old, but she loved it so much more this time!

Too cool for school on the carousel. 

She really liked watching the prairie dogs, even though I thought they were so gross!

This monkey came right up to her (well, through the glass) and it scared the crap out of both of us!

She was looking for Daniel Tiger...she did not want to believe that this guy was a real tiger. 

Then Ella got to feed the giraffes! She was a little scared though, so I think my mom did most of the feeding. 

My dad took her in this big cage to see all the birds. 

And did you know...?!?! Apparently I gave birth to a camel. 

More animals to feed!

We also got to ride the "choo choo" this year. Ella hated it at first! What the heck. 

But thanks to my mom and some puffs, she was all good (we just couldn't get her to sit down!)!

Bye, zoo! See you next time!

But the fun did not end there!! After Ella's nap we went to my mom's friend, Pam's house to see her horses! At first Ella was scared...when the horses came up to her, she said "no no no no no" and waved her hands at them. But a few minutes later, she was a big fan and didn't want to leave them!

We went inside to see Pam's dog, Koda. Ella was OBSESSED with him! They played and played and played. She told him to sit and he sat. He loved Ella and the feeling was quite mutual!

Thanks for a fun time, Mom and Dad! Hope you don't get my stomach bug!!! 


  1. How fun! You're lucky you can go visit your parents like that!!

  2. The Richmond Zoo is so fun! Feeding the giraffes is definitely my favorite part. Looks like Ella had an animal-filled week :)