Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Discovery Place

Last Friday, Ella and I finally put our museum membership to use and hit up Discovery Place! I hadn't been since before Ella was walking; we had so much fun and of course I took way too many pictures!

First up, the fish!

Next we went into the rainforest area. I'm pretty sure Ella hated every second of it, especially when I forced her to walk across this rope bridge.

She was interested in the scary bears they had on display!

And of course, she loved pointing to all the living things she knew on this wall.

We went into this room where Ella got to touch a starfish and a hermit crab! She was a little scared, but I think she liked it overall. Too bad she would not look at the camera!

So, after we did all of those "big kid" things above, we finally settled into the little kids area, which had a lot more activities for people her age.
She was fascinated by the gigantic water table!

They also had lots of different manipulatives for kids to build with...which made my little engineer so happy! 

Ella's favorite thing in the whole room was this huge Lite Brite! She was so into this they still make Lite Brites?! I had one when I was little...we may need to get one for Ella!

She also loved playing Peek-a-boo in this house!

All that playing sure is exhausting!

Good thing she got it together to play a little bit more...

This ramp was intended for cars to go down. Ella thought it was for her to go up. I had to pull her off it at least 10 times. 

More playing...these were fun until they kept going in someone's mouth. 

And she loved these magnetic cars!

They also had this huge dinosaur that Ella was all about, until I made her get on it. I'm really going for Mother of the Year here. 

All in all, we had a lot of fun at Discovery Place and I can't wait to go back! Should be a fun thing to do this winter when the weather is blah, too!