Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Travel Bucket List

Naturally, as I'm stuck at my house waiting for the air-conditioning repair guys (FINALLY), I've been thinking of all the places I would like to go...

Katie posted her list last week and it inspired me to make my own!

{ of my most favorite places!}


Thank you, Real Housewives, for making me want to go here. Not super pumped about the long plane ride, but it looks like it might be worth it?


Because, duh. Sad day that I won't be able to see the bridge with all of the locks on it, but I still want to go!

London (and all of England)

Ella is going to marry Prince George one day, so we probably need to visit his country! And I want to see the castle where they film Downton Abbey!


I can't believe I've never been to Hawaii. We must fix this immediately. 


Another long plane ride, but I'm dying to see koalas and kangaroos in their natural habitat!


This one's kind of random, but I have heard it is very similar to Europe! And I love anything similar to Europe and Spanish-speaking!

New England states

I've never been to any states north of New York, and need to visit in the fall. How gorgeous! 

Turks and Caicos

Another destination we can thank the Real Housewives for!

Obviously, this is not an all-inclusive list, but these are the top locations I need to visit!!

And now I want to go lay on that chair in Turks and Caicos....but instead I'll just wait for my air conditioner to get fixed. #reallife.

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