Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Italy Part IV {Capri & more Sorrento}

Yesterday, I told you all about the beginning of my obsession with the Amalfi Coast. It only gets worse more gorgeous!

The day after we went to Positano was my birthday!!!!! 
{I get very excited for my birthday, in case you couldn't tell!}
It started off with Natalie bringing me a delish slice of Nutella pie for breakfast in my room, and then I also had all of this...including a Nutella croissant! 

These Italians eat Nutella like it's going out of style...fine by me!

Then, we went to get on our boat to Capri! 
Thank you, April, for suggesting we get a semi-private boat for just a teense extra than the normal boat to really, really was worth it!!

We got to see Sophia Loren's house...

...Valentino's house...

..and the marina where they shoot movies and all of the rich people dock their yachts!

We also got to swim through the Green Grotto!

{I swam through that little tunnel!}

We docked our boat at a small beach, and then took another boat to the main marina in Capri!

Once we got there, we had to take a funicular up to the town... (at this point we started playing the "how many modes of transportation can we take in one day?" game, haha)

And, if that wasn't enough, my parents told me we HAD to take the bus to Anacapri and ride the chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro! So Travis and I did that...Natalie and Brian stayed behind to explore Capri. what my parents didn't tell me what that this was the chairlift situation:

I am terrified of heights, and I did not want to go. Travis also chickened out at this point. But, this guy had a ticket and he didn't want to go anymore, so he gave it to us! So one of us HAD to go, since now we had a free ticket! So I braved the heights and went...I was gripping my seat with palms sweating the entire time. It was scary! 

But the view from the top was worth it!!

{this is literally a straight drop down!}

Time to take the scary chairlift back down!

{Anacapri from the chairlift} 

We went back to Capri and walked around for a bit...

Then it was time to take the boat back to Sorrento! There was a storm coming, so the water was super choppy!!

Thanfully, we survived, only to walk up 498374672729 stairs to get back into town!

We had a little time before dinner, so Natalie and I had sandals custom-made for our feet!

We went back to Inn Bufalito for my birthday dinner! We liked this restaurant that much!

Travis and Brian split a buffalo steak!!

Then, the waiters turned off the lights, brought out a birthday cake and sang to me (in English)!

I was so embarrassed!!!

After all of that excitement, we said goodbye to Natalie, Brian and Sorrento the next day. We took the train back to Rome, where it was very rainy. We spent our last day in Italy walking around Rome in the rain (no great pics from that, sorry). 

We had an amazing time in Italy and I hope we can go back again some day!!!


  1. I love all your pictures and stories! Glad you had a good time!

  2. I am so, SO happy that you went the private boat route ... wasn't it so worth the extra little bit?! I have loved reliving the Europe memories through you - we loved Sorrento and Capri just as much as ya'll! You look beautiful!