Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Italy Part III {Sorrento & Positano}

I thought this might be the last of my recaps, but it got too long, so I had to split it into 2 posts! I'm doing Sorrento and Positano today, and Capri tomorrow. {If you missed Rome and Venice, be sure to read those, too!}

We arrived in Sorrento after the horrible night train experience. It was hot, crowded and we slept terribly. Let me tell just leave it at that. Do not take a night train in Italy!!!! 

However, our hotel in Sorrento was fabulous and had the largest, most amazing shower, ever. 

Also, fortunately for us, my bestie Natalie and her fiance, Brian met up with us in Sorrento!! It was great to spend a few days with them (also have someone to take pics for us, so we didn't have to keep doing selfies)!

Once we showered and recovered from the hellish night train ride, the four of us set out to explore Sorrento. It is a really cute city with gorgeous views of the water!

After a delish dinner on the water, and romatic sunsets...

we called it a night! 

The next day we went to Positano!! We were too late for the boat, so we had to take a bus. We actually got on the wrong bus first, but figured it out about 10 minutes into the trip. So we got dropped off, caught another bus back into Sorrento, and got on the correct bus to Postiano.

The drive, while beautiful, was nauseating!!! Pack the Dramamine if you're planning on doing this!

After a 35 minute ride, we made it to Positano! The bus dropped us off at the top of the village, and then we walked through it to get to the beach. Everything was so cute and charming!

I loooooved Postiano! I would totally want to come here for a whole week month on vacay.

Once down at the beach, we walked around, got lunch, and of course ate some gelato!

We did not want to walk back up the cliff, nor get super car sick (bus sick?) again, so we opted to take the boat back to Sorrento! It was super a little cruise!

Once back in Sorrento, we stopped at a lemon grove before dinner to sample some limoncello!

For dinner, we discovered Inn Bufalito (thank you, Rick Steves). If you are in Sorrento, you must eat here!

The food was amazing!!

The next birthday....we spent in Capri!!! I'll tell you all about that very soon!

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