Friday, August 28, 2015

Five on Friday!

1. Well, the first day of school here in Charlotte has came and went, and I am not sad about not going back at all! Instead of stressing out, going over my lesson plans 29483 times, and trying not lose a student, we sat on our front steps and watched the school buses go by our house! 

Ella is slightly obsessed with school buses. I think she is thrilled school has started again just for this reason! 
We also celebrated the first day of school by having a play date with Mackenzie! Mackenzie's mom and I taught together at 2 different schools and now we are both home with our girls! 

Ella had a blast sharing puffs with Mackenzie, playing with all her toys (even though we have 95% of them at our house!) and sitting in her dog's bed. 

2. Y'all! So exciting! WE FINALLY HAVE BUSHES!!! This has been going on since APRIL. But they finally came on Tuesday and did a great job with everything!

Look at all that mulch!!! Ella was perplexed. 

Now...what to do with that area in front of the sidewalk?!? 

3. My friend Sarah shared this on her Facebook the other day: 

"The Asheville, North Carolina VA currently has a *homeless* veteran in hospice. He lost his leg in Vietnam, is a Purple Heart recipient, and has no known local family. The Chapter will be attending his funeral, and his last request was to be buried in his dress blues- MOPH has purchased the uniform for him (they predict he has about 2 weeks to live) in the mean time, let's flood him with cards of gratitude. This is a great activity to help your children understand patriotism and that freedom is not free!"

So of course we had to make something for him!

In case you want to send him something, too but can't see the address in the pic, here is the info:

Mr. Robert Strong
VA Hospital-Hospice
1100 Tunnel Rd.
Asheville, NC 28805

4. Charlotte friends! Come buy {some of} Ella's old clothes at the Harris Y Consignment Sale this weekend!

It doesn't look like a lot, but it's over $300 of stuff! (And girlfriend still has 3 full tubs of stuff here at our house, should she ever get a baby sister one day!) Plus there's more shoes/accessories in the bag. Oh, and this is just her fall/winter stuff...they won't accept spring items at this sale. But still, a huge chunk of her closet space is now I can buy more clothes ;) I might have a problem. 

5. This weather!!! It has finally cooled off {slightly} in North Carolina and we can actually play outside without sweating our butts off. 

Can't wait for FALL!!!!
(*I know, I shouldn't be wishing the summer away, but I'm so over it. It has been too hot this year! And also, I'm getting sick of Ella's summer clothes, not to mention my own!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. It's so hard not to overbuy for little girls!

  2. That's a lot of invitations! How fun! It's a million degrees here still but I would still love a PSL!