Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday friends! Ella and I spent this morning at Discovery much fun! I'll post some pics of that next week! In the meantime....

1. Its back to school time! 

Everyone has been asking me if it feels weird to not be going back. This is the first time in over 25 years (!!!!) that I am not buying school supplies and getting ready for an upcoming school year. Yes, I technically didn't go back until February this past year, but I still went in August to help my long-term sub set everything up.

The short answer is: Yes, I will miss helping kids and pinning great ideas, but I know being home with Ella is exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life. Basically, there is a lot that angers me about the current state of our public school system, and it's just not worth time away from Ella to continue that frustrational journey. I thought about doing a post allllllll about this topic, but I don't really want to bring that much negativity to this normally happy little space of mine. Email me if you really wanna know and I'll tell ya all about it. ;)

Instead, I'll leave you with a few articles that pretty much summarize my exact thoughts, and this ecard:

2. Moving on! 
Poor Ella has some mysterious stomach bug yesterday. She had things coming out both ends, (sorry, tmi!) and it was pitiful. There was a lot of Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger watching going on yesterday. 

Thankfully, I think it was just a 24 hour bug, because she was much better last night, and even better this morning! 

3. The Lilly Sale is coming!!!!! 

Apparently, it will start Monday morning. Annnnnd of course I have to work Monday morning. Anyone want to be my personal shopper and cart some stuff for me?!?! I hope it's not all gone by the time I get around to look!

4. One recipe I wanted to share with you! I made this last night and it was really good!

My husband likes anything spicy, and he was literally licking the sauce from the pan. He also mentioned we should make the sauce again, as it would be a great marinade for flank steaks or something like that to grill! 

5. Baby shower planning for Kathryn is underway! 
If you follow me on Pinterest, sorry I'm not sorry for the abundant baby shower pins that have appeared on your feed. I am going for a "golden safari" theme (still figuring out what that really means, ha!) and here's some of my inspiration:

Also: I have never thrown a baby shower! Crazy, I know. So if you have any tips or tricks (especially on how to save money since I always like a good bargain), please pass them along to me!

Have a great weekend!!! 
And if you are a teacher, best of luck going back to school!!! I admire you! :)


  1. Glad you'll be at home with Ella this year! I don't know how teachers in Charlotte manage to teach in that district... I've heard nothing but horror stories from there.

  2. Sorry about Ella's stomach bug. Stomach bugs are the WORST with little people who have no control over it. SO much clean up.

    And yay for not going back to school. You know I share the same thoughts on the state of our public school system right now ;)