Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Weekend

We had lots of fun this weekend!
Starting with Friday, Ella and I went to Discovery Place in the morning (pictures to come)! And then we went to the pool after her nap!

All of that swimming made her tired!

She insisted on walking back to the car like this:

It's still too early for the Terrible Twos...right?!?!

Saturday, Trav had to go into work, so Ella got to attend her very first baby shower for our friend Leah! It was a golf theme, which Ella appreciated and didn't stop saying "gof! gof! gof!" the entire time we were there.

Ella also said "auntie" for the first time...Auntie Kaffy was so excited!

Apparently, baby showers are exhausting too.

Or maybe my child is just narcoleptic? Who knows. 
Good thing she rallied to take this cute pic!


Yesterday, after the golf-themed shower, of course Ella wanted to watch golf with Daddy! She was obsessed with this commercial. Every time she heard the song come on (which was pretty much every commercial break), she would stop whatever she was doing, run to the tv and start clapping and dancing. It was the funniest thing!

We also had our friends over for dinner last night. Ella loves her boyfriend, "Eeese" (Rhys) and gave him lots of hugs. Can't wait for their wedding ;)

This morning, I actually got off work a little early, so I managed to spend a small fortune at the Lilly sale!!! YAY! (And don't tell my husband please.) 
I got 2 shirts for me, and 2 shirts for Ella, plus a swimsuit for her to wear next summer. Fun times!

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