Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

Two weeks ago, while we were visiting my parents in Virginia, we took Ella to the Richmond Zoo

{warning: very picture-heavy post!}

Before we even left, Ella was perfectly outfitted in this hat my mom found. It used to be mine, and with the giraffes, camels and monkeys on it, was perfect for the zoo!

We arrived at the zoo, and bought some food to feed the giraffes later. 

This was also Ella’s first time in the stroller without her car seat attached…my little girl is getting so big!!




About an hour into our trip, we took a break on some benches so I could feed Ella. That wasn’t weird at all. Haha…a huge group of kids walked by us, thank goodness for my cover-up!

After that, we were back on our way, taking pictures of every single animal!

And then…we got to feed the giraffes! 

I think Ella was more interested in the giraffe’s food than she was in actually feeding them. 

Up next was a little bird house, where you could go in and feed the birds. 

We didn’t buy the sticks of bird feed (seen here), 

but Ella did really enjoy being in there! I think she liked listening to all of the bird sounds!

When we left the bird house, we headed to a little farm-type set up, with goats, donkeys, sheep and deer. 

The goats were especially funny as they kept trying to eat Ella’s stroller!

Across from them were the camels!

After the camels, we walked through a little forest that had a whole bunch of North American animals. 

{someone is getting tired...}

Soon after this, Ella crashed. We saw a few more animals before leaving. 



Thanks again to my parents for a fun zoo trip, and to my dad for willingly pushing the stroller all morning!

I can't wait to go back when Ella is a little bit older!


  1. I love that she's getting to wear some of your things from when you were little! I could totally see myself doing that one day! :)