Monday, July 14, 2014

Life with Ella {23 weeks}

As I write this, I have 2 fabulous people cleaning my house (for my birthday present!)!!! It's pretty amazing as I sit back and relax while someone else cleans! I could definitely get used to this.'s a look at our past week!

On Monday, we recovered from our long trip and drive by doing 29470 loads of laundry, running errands and just trying to get caught back up on life in general. 

Tuesday, someone refused to nap in her crib! I brought her downstairs with me, and within 5 minutes of sitting on the couch watching Real Housewives of New York with mommy, we had this:

On Wednesday, Ella decided she wanted my coffee...

...and we also tried out the doorway jumper that Dana gave us! I think she likes it, so thank you Dana!!

Wednesday night, I met up with some of my friends at Cantina1511 for my birthday dinner.

As always, delicious food and even better company! :)

On Thursday, I had an interview at the Y, so Chelsea was sweet enough to walk around with Ella for an hour while I did that.

So, I got a job! I'm going to be working just a few hours a week watching kids at the Y while their parents work out! They also offer free child care for Ella while I do that, and we get a free Y membership, so score! 

On Friday, Ella hung out with her bf, Rhys while I tutored.

Thank you again for watching her, Amanda!

We started off Saturday by doing some yard work while Ella supervised.

And then my friend Angela came over with her husband and little girl Ava. Ang lives in Ohio, but they were driving back from Hilton Head, so they stopped in Charlotte to break up their trip a little bit! First, we went to the park, where Ella had her first time in a swing!

She really liked it! And those sunglasses totally cracked me up. 

She also was a good friend and shared her sunnies with Ava!

It was about 305929 degrees outside, so after about 20 minutes at the park, we decided that was enough. So we went to the air-conditioned mall and hung out by the fountain, which Ella loved!

For dinner, we ate at Cowfish
Ava tried a lemon, and this picture was too funny not to share!

Ang, Brent and Ava left after dinner and drove through the night to Ohio. I didn't envy them at all, but I'm glad they were able to stop and see us! :)

Sunday morning, someone woke up with her arm through the slats of her crib, so I decided it was time to put on the breathable mesh bumper. Also, no more pacis on the floor!

We had fun watching the World Cup, and Ella helped me make dinner.
She was especially interested in the wine, haha.

Don't worry, she really didn't have any!

Ella was acting really into our food, so we decided to try the rice cereal again. 

She even fed herself! Leftie?!

As expected, she made a complete and total mess, so we immediately put her in the bathtub. But I think she may have liked it a little more than last time??

Now, I am going to enjoy my clean house!! Best birthday gift ever, I tell ya! 


  1. Yay on the new job!! That's so exciting!

    I love doing cycling classes at Y if you ever want to join me now that you have a membership!

  2. Shelby never cared for the jumper at all. Does she suck her thumb? She's a doll!! So glad you got your house cleaned. That's the best!

  3. Aww glad she likes the jumper. And yay on the job that sounds perfect! Haha Ava and Ella are so cute together.