Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five Month Favorites

Now that my child is almost 6 months (eeeek! Where has the time gone?!), I figured I should probably get around to posting her favorite things at 5 months! 
I know you've all been worried...

In addition to the toys I've mentioned in previous favorites posts, we have some new ones:

1. Jumperoo: Trav's parents got us this for Christmas before Ella was even here, but she's finally big enough to go in it...and she LOVES it! She has just started to figure out how to play with all of the toys on it, and it makes for fabulous entertainment for both me and her!
2. Loopy Ball: I love this thing because it has a little hook so I can hang it from the toy bar on her play mat or the car seat. 
3. Take Along Tunes: This is a #1 best seller on Amazon for a reason! If Ella is fussy and I turn this thing on, 9 times out of 10, she will stop crying and just stare at this thing. It's amazing.

Owl pillow / Go-Go book / Fruit snacks wrappers / Owl mirror

1. Owl pillow: When we take our weekly photos, Ella has become so fascinated by this thing, that most of the time I have to take it away until we are done taking pictures! It's wings are crinkly, which she loves almost as much as playing with the gigantic tag on the back. 
2. Go-Go book: Someone gave this to me at my baby shower, and whoever it was THANK YOU! This is one of my favorite things to take with us when we're out and's crinkly pages distract Ella fabulously!
3. Fruit snacks wrappers: Yes, this really is one of Ella's favorite things right now. I'm still downing fruit snacks left and right so I can give my child the wrapper to play with! She's obsessed.
4. Owl mirror: Ella loves this thing just for the crinkly wings. (Are you seeing a pattern here? Apparently my child will only play with things that crinkle.) She doesn't actually use the mirror part....just the wings. 

And because it's summer, here are our favorites for the pool!

1. Sunscreen: I originally thought babies couldn't wear sunscreen till 6 months, but my pediatrician told me it was ok to put a little on Ella after 4 months. I've been really happy with the Aveeno bath products, so I bought the sunscreen as well. It hasn't made Ella break out at all and goes on really easily, so I am happy with it so far!
2. Sun hat: This is so essential for keeping sun out of baby's eyes! This one comes in 485762 colors, but I like white so it will match all of Ella's swim suits!
3. Rash guard: I really didn't understand the appeal of these until this summer. I love that when Ella is wearing this, I only have to put sunscreen on her legs, and I don't have to worry about her arms getting sunburnt. Mine is sold out at Gap, but a similar orange version can be found here.

That's all I've got for month 5! 
Happy Thursday! :)

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