Friday, July 11, 2014

A Day in the Life

I'm linking up with Leslie today to share our day-to-day schedule! 

This will probably bore the pants off most of you, but just like with my weekly recaps, I know one day I'll want to look back on this time at home with Ella and see what the heck we really did all day!

So here we go....a normal day around here looks a little like this:

6:45- Ella begins babbling in her crib. I usually go in her room, Ella smiles at me as I put her paci back in, and then we both go back to sleep. 

7:45- Travis wakes up, gets Ella out of her crib and we have "family snuggles" in our bed for 15 minutes.

8:00- Ella eats, Trav gets ready for work, I check my email, Facebook and Instagram.

8:30- Travis leaves us, I grab a quick breakfast (usually a Clif bar bc that's all I have time for!) and Ella and I have our morning chat about what she would like to wear that day.

8:35- Change E's diaper, get her dressed, have a little story and tummy time action. This is also usually when we do our weekly/monthly photo shoots!

9:15- I can have a decent stash in the freezer for my next girls' night!

9:30- Depending on the day, I either shower and get ready to go tutor, or I run on our treadmill while Ella naps in the Rock n Play. 
Sometimes during this time, we will have doctor appointments or play dates with friends, too! And on most Thursdays, we hit up story time at the library!

11:00- I finally shower (if it's a morning run day) or pump (if we've been gone/I've been tutoring). Ella also eats around this time. And then she has a massive blow out (she's pretty regular!) (also, sorry Ella for sharing this with the world). 

11:30- We go downstairs. I make some much needed coffee and eat Greek yogurt while Ella plays on her play mat. 

12:45- Ella naps in the Mamaroo. 

I catch up on emails/phone calls/prep for tutoring and occasionally blog (which is what I'm doing right now! Hi!). Sometimes, I even eat lunch! Haha.

1:30- Ella eats again. 

2:00- This is our chunk of time to run errands. We go to Target, Harris Teeter, the mall, you name it. 

When it's not too hot out, sometimes we will go for a walk. 

4:00- Eating time for Elle Belle. I should also mention that during these eating times we are catching up on my DVRed shows! 

4:20ish- Ella goes down for her afternoon nap in her crib. If I didn't run in the morning, this is usually when I will do it. Or I try to get some stuff for tutoring done...and every once in a blue moon, I might, just might clean my house (just a little bit, though)!!

5:45- Ella wakes up screaming. After she calms down, we go downstairs and Ella will play in her jumperoo or sit in the Bumbo and watch me attempt to make dinner. 

6:45- Ella eats and we usually catch E News at 7:00. In a perfect world, Trav would be home at this time every night...most of the time, he is, but some nights it's later. 

7:15- I finish up dinner if I haven't totally ruined it yet, while Ella and I finish watching E News. Sometimes, she will hang out upstairs with her dad while he runs/lifts up there. 

8:00- Trav and I eat dinner and watch a little more TV with Ella (omg, this is sounding like all we do is watch TV! I promise, that's really not the case!). 

8:45- If it's bath night (which we try to do every other night), that happens now.

9:00- Ella has her last feeding of the night. After, we read a bedtime story and she goes to sleep in her crib. 

9:30- Trav and I hang out a little bit, or sometimes, I'll do crunches or lift weights upstairs (maybe like twice a week). 

10:45- I do one last pump to contribute to my freezer stash, and also so my boobs don't totally kill me in the morning. 

11:00- We go to sleep! 

Now, tell me that's not the most interesting thing you've ever read! ;)

Happy Friday!!


  1. Your Ella is so adorable :)
    I enjoyed reading about your life

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... what a BEAUTY she is!

  3. awww! these day in the life of posts are so fun to read! how do you hear about the prompts? if you ever want to change it up, a friend of mine and i brought back the 5 on friday since the other gals put their link up on hold for the summer. it was pretty popular last week. we would love to have you!