Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life with Ella {week 22}

Well, we survived our trip to Ohio!!!! Here is a {very picture-heavy} recap!!

On Monday, I tried to keep Ella entertained while I packed up literally our entire house...

Tuesday, we headed for Ohio!!

{See?! Told ya! Our entire house.}

Someone was very excited!!! 

Slowly but surely, we made our way through NC, into Virginia, West Virginia, and finally, Ohio!

We also got to go through 2 tunnels!

All in all, Ella did great in the car! We only had to stop 2 times for her to eat. The whole drive took us  8 hours, and I think she slept for about 6 of those! 

Once we arrived in Columbus, we got to see Dana and meet Gavin!!

They obviously loved each other!

Dana's dog, Callie, also loved Ella! I got out of the shower the next morning to find them like this, just staring at each other!

Wednesday morning, we left to drive up to the Cleveland area to see my grandparents. We passed no fewer than about 39 Amish buggies. 

I am so fascinated by Amish people, but man, I was ready to get to my grandparents' house!!

And because we hadn't driven enough the past 2 days, after being at my grandparents' for just a few hours, we left to visit Angela and Ava in Avon Lake (about 25 min from my grandparents) for the afternoon! 

I think these two look so much alike, yes? 

For dinner that night was my grandma's famous spaghetti. To say I am obsessed with this spaghetti is an understatement. I would have served it at my wedding if I could. So of course I took a picture of it. 

Oh man, my mouth is salivating just thinking about it now!

On Thursday, Grandma, Grandpa, Ella and I went on a major grocery shopping excursion! 

First we went to Marc's (with a train around the store!)....

...and then to Costco...

...and finally, Heinen's! Too bad Ella fell asleep in Heinen's!

My grandparents loved pushing her around in the stroller all morning!!

When we got home, my grandma got out all of my mom's and uncles' teddy bears and dolls for Ella, haha!

Thursday evening was Natalie's rehearsal dinner, which I will tell you all about when I get around to blogging about her wedding....but Ella stayed home and played with her grandparents and great-grandparents! 

They all had a little too much fun!!

Friday was Ella's first 4th of July! We went over to my uncle's house for a cookout! Some of my cousins have been taking piano lessons and Ella LOVED listening to them "perform" for us!

All of the little girls loved Ella!

{Ella with my cousin Gwyneth}

We left my uncle's around 1 to pick up Travis from the airport. From there, we went to Natalie's for a cookout (yes, this girl had a cookout at her house the day before her wedding!)!

After the cookout, we gave Ella a bath (she was quite stinky) in our hotel room...then I left Trav and Ella at the hotel, and spent the night at Natalie's. 

So poor Elle Belle did not get to see any fireworks. We could kinda see them from our hotel room...but I think she will enjoy them more next year anyway!

Saturday was the wedding, which I will tell you all about in another post, hopefully soon!!!

Sunday was my birthday! And we got to spend 8.5 hours in the car! 
Haha yayyyyy. Happy birthday to me

Ella didn't sleep her 6 hours that she slept on the way up, unfortunately. She wavered between being like this....

...and this: 

So that was fun. 
Also I stayed in the backseat with her, and because I am lucky enough to get horrendous motion sickness, I was soooo nauseous! It was like a throwback to my morning sickness days--I only wish I had brought my zofran!

But isn't this just the cutest thing ever on the WV turnpike?!

We finally made it home around 6pm, and Ella gave me my birthday present...a CLEANING LADY!!!! 

I am so excited!!!! They are coming next Monday to do a deep clean, and I cannot wait!!!!! Best birthday present EVER! 

I realize I am suuuuuuper behind on life right now, but I promise I'll be back to do Ella's 5 month update and Natalie's wedding soon!!


  1. YAY! for a post and a road trip! Ella is always dressed so cute! Her eyes are beautiful too!
    I just posted about our upcoming trip to visit family in Arkansas tomorrow. I'm flying SOLO with busy, little miss Shelbs. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!