Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our Beach Trip 2016

We decided to go to the beach this past weekend on, oh Tuesday. Ha! Trav's work schedule is always pretty crazy, but he mentioned he would be able to get away this we were miraculously able to find a place near North Myrtle last minute and away we went.

Now, I would not recommend going to the beach with a 6 week old...and I also wouldn't recommend going during Fourth of July weekend (it was ridiculously crowded!).
But, I am glad we were able to get away and we did have a lot of fun on our first trip as a family of 4!

Some highlights include:
LOTS of pool time...
{this neighborhood had like 6 pools, which was great because if one was crowded, you could go to another one!}

{first dip in the pool!}

{We definitely had to limit how much we were out in the heat with this guy, but he did really well! He mostly just chilled in the shade}

...visited the beach a few times...
{total workout lugging 2 kids and all of their crap to and from the beach, by the way!}

{first dip in the Atlantic Ocean!}

{Side note: Ella HATES the ocean. I made her get in to rinse some of the sand off, and you might as well have thought I was drowning her! She said the ocean was "too slippery" and she did not have any interest in going in that water one bit. She just wanted to sit on the beach and make sand castles!}

{Lucas, however, didn't seem to mind the ocean! He loved the beach!}

...had a few very failed attempts at a photo shoot....

{this is literally the only good one!}

{Ella had more interest in playing with the sand...ugh}

{This was the next night. Not sure why I didn't learn my lesson from the night before, but I was determined to get a cute pic of them in their matching outfits. It was storming really bad though so we had to take pictures on our screened-in porch!}

...ate at a restaurant called Ella's (this was the highlight of Ella's entire year, I'm pretty sure. She is still asking to go back to "her restaurant.")...

...visited Alligator Adventure...

{We LOVED this place! Definitely recommend it if you are in the North Myrtle/Myrtle Beach area. Admission covers 2 days, so we were able to go back the next day as well!}

They had a show while we were there and my fearless child got to touch a snake, a lizard and an alligator! 

I am still wondering why she is terrified of the ocean, yet jumps at the opportunity to pet a real alligator!

We left yesterday morning, but not before a quick pic on the balcony in our 4th of July attire (I wanted to take a picture on the beach but it was too hot, crowded and sandy for that)!

All in all, a pretty chaotic but oh so fun couple of days with 3 of my favorite people! 

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