Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 7}

Too bad I hate odd numbers (especially the number 7...yuck!), but this guy is 7 weeks old on 7/7! 

Last Thursday, he smiled LOTS and I was able to get half a smile on camera!

Now I just need to get one of him smiling while he's wearing his "first smile" sticker! 

Before we headed to the beach, we had to stop at the doctor for a hemoglobin check.

Guess who's kid is so used to heel pricks at this point that he actually falls asleep during them. Yep.
Good news! His labs were so terrific that the nurse practitioner drew smiley faces all over the paper with the results! 

Thursday through Monday, we were at the beach, which you can read about here!

Monday (the 4th of July!), Lucas was a little sad to be driving home from the beach...

....especially because his crazy mom insisted on another photo shoot with big sister!

Also, whoever decided this romper is size 3 months is seriously on crack, haha. It's HUGE!

We grilled out and Ella got to make smores!

We also did sparklers, which made me incredibly nervous, but Ella did a great job holding them and not burning anything or anyone! 

Tuesday, we didn't really do too much. I was running out of hangers for Ella (and Lucas!), so I sold a bunch of Ella's old clothes on a Facebook group. While I was doing that, Ella decided Lucas needed to help her with puzzles (notice the lion puzzle piece). 

Yesterday was my birthday so we celebrated by blueberry picking with Chelsea and Mackenzie!

It was SO hot and the girls wanted to eat the blueberries as soon as they got them in their buckets...but we had a lot of fun!

And strawberry ice cream after blueberry picking makes perfect sense ;)

Kathryn also came over later that day to bring me cupcakes and wine (thank you again, Kathryn!!!). P and Lucas had a little love-fest on his bear mat!

I can't handle the cuteness!!!

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  1. Love the 4th of July outfits!! And Ella in that bubble with the sparkler, what a doll baby! Avery also likes to just set random things on Eloise when she's playing. So funny!