Monday, February 4, 2019

Ella Grace {5 Years}

Dear Ella,

What in the are 5!!!! I know I sound like a broken record every time I post an update on you but...HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!  
I feel like your first year lasted a good amount of time (ha!), but the years after that have totally flown by!! You are SO big! So old! Half a decade! A whole hand!! 

We go to the doctor for your 5 year checkup in 2 weeks because your mom is a slacker and spaced out on making your appointment! But when we know your stats, I’ll update! I think you are just over 40 lbs. and about 43” tall (because you wanted me to measure you on New Year’s Eve!). You wear 5T clothes, but can still do 4T dresses and leggings (and lets be honest...even 3T at times)! You wear size 10 shoes. 

You continue to be my best sleeper out of all 3 kids. So congrats on that! You go to bed by 8 PM most nights (usually more like 7:30) and you wake up at 7:30 AM. Well, your clock turns green at 7:30 anyway. You are usually up before then...sometimes as early as 6:30! But you stay in your room, playing or reading until your clock turns green! 
I know I’m going to get a lot of dirty looks by typing this, but you still (miraculously!) nap! Not every day, but you probably fall asleep 2 or so days a week! The other days, you have quiet time and are happy to play with your “guys” in your room during this time. It’s kind of amazing and YES, we will be doing this till you go to kindergarten in the fall. #sorrynotsorry

You love, love, LOVE preschool! Every month, I screenshot your teacher’s lesson plans and you love asking me everyday what you will be doing in class that day! You know all of your letters, and can write them all too! You love to draw, and are frequently found making “cards” for any and everyone you can think, Daddy, Lucas, Bennett, the neighbors, grandparents, friends at school, everyone! You are really good at drawing too and all of your characters have smiling, happy faces. You also love asking me how to spell different names and words! You recently learned all of the planets’ names, but I won’t correct you when you call Saturn “Satur” because it cracks me up.

You have a somewhat new obsession that has developed over the last 6ish months...Peppa Pig! You freaking LOVE Peppa Pig! And to be honest, it’s a nice change from Paw Patrol (which you have zero interest in...thankfully Lucas does so he now plays with all of those dang Paw Patrol toys you had to have...). You know every single Peppa Pig character’s name and love to draw them! Since Peppa is British, you’ve also developed a nice British accent that comes out from time to time... you call sunscreen “sun cream” and swimsuits are “swimming costumes.” Also, for anyone reading this, ask Ella how to say "Richard," "zebra," and "Pedro." (She says them like "Rech-ahrt" "zeh-bra" "Peh-dro.") Oh and ask her where rabbits live ("in a BARROW"). It's hilarious.

You are hands-down the best big sister I ever could have imagined to both Bennett and Lucas. We all know Lucas is in his "terrible twos" stage and he can be a, difficult shall we say? But you don't let it bother you at all. You are so good about being the bigger person and letting him play with whatever toy, or going to your room to calm down if he makes you mad. You guys are also hysterical together too with all of these crazy things you come up talking into your smoothie yogurt bottles like microphones, or quoting Peppa Pig lines nonstop. 
And Bennett? Well he just thinks you hung the moon! :) All you have to do is look at him and he instantly smiles. He knows you're the best big sister in the world! 

You are the sweetest, kindest girl which is the thing I am probably most proud of! You love to say your prayers every night, and always remember to pray for people who need extra prayers (for example, last week one of your friends was having minor surgery, and you prayed for her every night!). I'm so happy you are learning lots about God and Jesus, both at church and at school. One quick story: You knew Bennett was going to be a boy all along...the whole summer, you told everyone the baby in Mommy's tummy was a boy. When Bennett was born and we knew that he was, in fact, a boy, you were SO thrilled you were right! We asked you, how did you know that he was a boy, and you said "Because God told me!" How precious is that.
You are nice to everyone (as far as I know...and I checked with your teacher last week!), which is such a big thing with me! No mean girl vibes over here whatsoever, for now, thank goodness! We are working so hard at being an includer, which I'm so happy to see you carry out at school, dance class, and everywhere else you go!

Ella, you are just the sweetest thing and we couldn't love you more if we tried. Thank you for 5 whole years of love I never knew possible, and for teaching me how to be a Mom. You're the best at it :) 

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  1. Okay tear�� We have some amazing 5 year olds! And how sweet that she prayed for Eliana❤️