Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ella's Rainbow Birthday Party!

Ella specifically requested a "rainbow art party" for her 4th birthday...well, ask and you shall receive! 
I definitely did not want to have a bunch of preschoolers over to our house to do art projects, so we had the party at Noah's Art, which was a perfect location! 

I did basically nothing for this party, which was every bit as amazing as I knew it would be. I made the cupcakes myself and didn't even bother to take them out of the pans for a pretty display!

{all printable are from Lilacs & Charcoal on Etsy}

The kids also had "creative juice" aka apple juice!

For their favor bags, I made a rainbow on plain white bags using dot markers.

Inside the bags, I put crayons, a little watercolor set, stickers and a little sketchbook (I found the stickers and books in the $1 spot at Target!). 

As soon as we got there, the art projects started! 
First, Ella got a rainbow painted on her hand!

{Ella's dress is from OmiJo}

They also had a station set up where the kids could color a big birthday banner for Ella...

...and at the third station, they made bead bracelets!

They also set out play dough for Lucas and Penelope!

{Lucas's shirt is from Hanna Andersson}

After all of Ella's friends arrived, the kids put on aprons and got to paint!

The next project was doing watercolors. There were hidden objects on their picture that were revealed when they painted!

While this was going on, the boys wanted to do a little painting ;) 

I'll also add that Lucas became obsessed with washing his hands and washed them no fewer than 15 times during the party. Thanks for keeping him occupied, Trav, Mom and Dad!

The last project was making rainbows with pipe cleaners!

(Not sure why Ella decided to "smile" like this in every picture.)

Then it was time for her birthday march! They put on music and Ella paraded through the art studio to their big birthday wall! She got to pick out the color she wanted and put her handprint on the wall, all while her little friends cheered her on! 

Next up: singing "Happy Birthday" and cupcakes!

Then it was time to say goodbye to all of the friends! Baby Norah was the youngest guest by a long shot :)

After nap, we had our families over to continue the birthday celebration, so I put up some decorations...because this is me and you know I love some decorations! 

That giant 4 is still up in our dining room...and will prob be up until Lucas's birthday in May.

Time to open presents!

Ella is obsessed with the sleep Skye she got, as well as her new Minnie watch!

My parents gifted her my old dollhouse that my grandpa built for me when I was a little girl. They also got her new furniture (since mine was outdated and kind of fragile), and she has been having fun "decorating" the house! 

What a day celebrating this 4 year old!!!! She was super tired out! 

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