Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Ella's Golden Birthday

This past Saturday, we celebrated Ella's golden birthday! If you're thinking this is something I just made's not! A golden birthday is when you turn the age of the date of your this year was Ella's (3 on the 3rd)!! 

Saturday morning we had a little get-together at our house for our family. Mostly so I could decorate something (because I have issues). 

{To make the "gold" 3, I had pictures printed at Target in the sepia filter, which made them all look kinda gold!}

{I ended up making Ella's birthday cake myself because I wanted something simple. I just spray painted it gold using this and then threw a bunch of gold sprinkles on top! Done and done.}

First, we opened presents!

Then we sang to her and had cake!

That afternoon, we had the "real" party at the Y! I felt like Ella was getting to the age where her friends needed something to do at a party, and they would probably be bored silly at our house in the dead of winter! So, YMCA to the rescue! Ella chose the gymnastics party option and it was pretty much the best thing ever. We showed up with some decorations, and they set everything up for us! Amazing!!! While they were decorating the party room, the kids got to play in the gymnastic center for a whole hour! 

First they had to stretch...

...and then they basically had free reign of the gym! 

Even Lucas had fun!

After we wore out the kids, we were escorted back to the party room for snacks and cupcakes! 

For party favors, we did jump ropes, Flipz chocolate covered pretzels (get it?!), bottles of water and gold medal sugar cookies!

We had so much fun celebrating our *golden* girl! 

Ella's shirt: Etsy
Ella's pants (are they not the most hilarious thing you've ever seen?!): Amazon 
Lucas's shirt: Gap
Invitations: Etsy
Happy Birthday Banner, water bottle labels, favor bag toppers, Ella sign: Etsy
Birthday cake topper: Etsy
Cupcake toppers: Etsy
All other decorations from Party City, Target, or given to me by Kathryn, left over from her girl's gold birthday party in December! :) 

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