Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 39}

Oh my goodness, you all. This boy today! He is totally on the move and CRAZY. I just cannot take a decent weekly picture any this is the best I could get!

Anyways, last week we celebrated Lucas being out of the womb as long as he was in it with a little chalkboard photo shoot! 

Also: I was the biggest pregnant person EVER. Thank God I didn't go to 40 weeks!

We also made a quick trip to Target; Ella had gotten 2 of the same Paw Patrol toy for her birthday (Marshall!), so we exchanged one of them for a Rubble toy instead! 

Thursday night, Ella was screaming in pain that her ear hurt. She still felt awful (if not worse) Friday morning, so that meant we had to skip our Valentine's play date and watch Finding Dory on the couch instead.

Luckily, our pediatrician's office was able to squeeze her in mid-morning, where we found out she had a really bad ear infection. 😢

She felt better when we went to pick up her antibiotics, and she saw all of the band-aids at Rite Aid! Ha! She wanted all of the boxes. 

Saturday morning we had to model some of our new Shrimp and Grits clothes!!!

I am obsessed! I think I'm going to get Lucas's jon jon monogrammed. The rest of Ella's stuff is on backorder, so I will share when we get it in a few more weeks! 

We also took a walk to deliver some thank-you notes to those of Ella's friends who live in our neighborhood! 

Oh, and look who has a new trick at bath time...pulling up on the tub! 

His little muscles! 😍

Sunday was GORGEOUS (80 degrees!), so we spent lots of time on our patio...

...and at the neighborhood playground!

Monday was another round of gymnastics class. Bless Ella's heart, she fell off the balance beam! I think it scared her more than anything else and she was perfectly fine after. 

Tuesday was Valentine's Day!!! Both kids got cards (Lucas tried to eat his) and Ella also got some Paw Patrol chocolates I found in the $1 section of Target. 

I apparently missed the memo that Valentine's Day is now competing with Christmas in terms of gift-giving. Some people really went all out!!! 

Anyways, you know we had to have some fun taking a few holiday-themed pictures! 

This guy. would. not. sit. still! He is on the move 100% of the time! 

Trav came home with yummy cheesecake for Ella...

...and flowers for me (although Ella thinks they are for her too)!

Yesterday was Ella's first trip to the dentist! 

She actually did pretty good, but she freaked out when the hygienist put the bib on her (so random, I know) and wouldn't let anyone floss her teeth. And I also had to sit in the chair with Ella on my lap the entire time. But other than that (haha)...a successful trip to the dentist! 

This weekend we are headed to the mountains for a little bit!! Fingers crossed Lucas keeps up his good sleeping habits while we are gone (he's been doing SO much better since I talked to that sleep consultant last week)!!!