Thursday, February 23, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 40}

Big shoutout to my best girl, Ella, for distracting Lucas enough to take this picture! Sure, it's not the best pic (she was standing a little too far to my right), but at least he's not grabbing the blocks or nose-diving off the chair, so I'd call that a win! 

Anyways, we've had quite a week! 
Last Thursday, I thought we should probably get caught up with Lucas's milestone sticker pictures, since he's now officially crawling...

...and he's had those 2 teeth for about 2 months now. 

We also walked up to get my car...where I had to buy 2 new tires! Let me tell you, spending money on my car is my absolute LEAST favorite thing to spend money on EVER. I hate even forking over $30 for an oil change. Anyone else?! 

But, good thing we got those new tires because the next day we headed to the mountains! This was an extremely last minute trip, but Trav suggested we get away, and so I was willing and ready to take advantage of that! 

We rented a cabin on VRBO that was literally on the side of a mountain. The "driveway" was straight downhill, with about 3-4 switchbacks. Definitely glad my husband was driving, and definitely glad I got those new tires!

We got to the cabin around 3 PM, and were able to relax on the back deck for a while. 

This was our view all weekend! 

We headed to Canyons for an early dinner. We've eaten here before and it has gorgeous views!

Unfortunately, the service was terrible this time, and it took them FOREVER to get to our table!

Ella was bored, and Lucas downed 1/2 a container of puffs before going into total meltdown mode. 

At least we got to see a pretty sunset?!

Almost 2 hours later (!!!), we made it back to the cabin, put Lucas to bed and then made smores out back with Ella!

The next morning, Ella woke up screaming, covered in vomit. Ummm, awesome. Thankfully, our cabin had a washer/dryer and Trav went to the store to get some laundry detergent at 7 AM. Ugh. So my whole morning was spent doing laundry, airing out the cabin and drinking LOTS of coffee. 

I had all of these grand plans before Ella got sick (head up to Boone, go ice skating...), but those were now out the window, so we just went to Bass Lake and walked around. 

Ella was feeling much better by this point, and had been begging us to go to the playground, so we made a stop at the playground in downtown Blowing Rock before heading back for naps.

Thankfully, both kids took awesome naps and everyone was better by dinner. We also had a much quicker dinner (with much better service) at another restaurant in Blowing Rock...and since Ella had eaten well and was feeling better, we let her get some ice cream afterwards! 

Sunday morning, we headed home. Thank the Lord. Let me tell you, traveling with an almost 9 month old who is on a strict sleep regimen, and a 3 year old who decides to puke everywhere is NOT relaxing! Phew. We might just stay in Charlotte for a few more months, until Lucas can sleep and germs are not everywhere (this winter has been awful for getting sick!). 

After that whirlwind trip, it was time for gymnastics bright and early Monday morning! As soon as the teacher helped Ella get up on that bar, she yelled to the whole gym, "Hey! I'm up here!!" It was hilarious. 

We stopped at the mall real quick, to get Lucas his own monogrammed backpack when he goes to the Y. You know, something every 9 month old needs. 😉 
While we were waiting for the monogramming, we played by the fountain...

...and checked out the latest spring fashions at J Crew (Mom: buy me the whole store. 😜 Please and thanks!!!)! 

Tuesday was Mr. Lucas's 9 month check up! He's doing perfect and is ready to eat everything except honey and cow's milk! 

After his checkup, we went to Home Goods, where I found the world's largest mirror for our family room. Ok, I guess it's not that big, but man was it heavy! It was comical getting it in my car. 

Yesterday we had story time at our church. Lucas just wanted to sit by the teacher the whole time! He was even sitting on her lap for a little bit. #teacherspet

The theme yesterday was treasures, and this one found a mirror in the treasure chest...she was obsessed. Hopefully she's not a narcissist?! 

This sweet boy also had peanut butter for the first time yesterday...

...he was a big fan! Crossing my fingers he's not allergic to this, or anything else! 

We wrapped up our week with, what else, a trip to Target! Ella's grandparents were sweet enough to send her a little money for Valentine's Day and she chose to spend it on the last remaining Paw Patrol character that she didn't have yet...Rocky! (PS...Paw Patrol toys were 25% off on the Cartwheel app, so this guy was under $10!) She was really excited to use her "own" money to buy him! Thanks, Grandma and Papa!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the nice weather if you are local! 😎

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  1. Y'all stay super busy! Glad y'all could get away but sorry Ella got sick.