Thursday, March 2, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 41}

Another fun week in the books! 

It was so nice out last Thursday, we walked up to our neighborhood playground to have a little outside time!

Friday morning, we stopped at a consignment sale. I found a few things, but nothing major...Ella scored these 4 Frozen books for $2 though! She was so excited!!

After that, we picked up Chick Fil A, then went to the airport to watch the planes and have a picnic lunch! It was almost 80 degrees, so a perfect day to do this! 

This was more of what actually happened....Lucas made it his mission to crawl off that blanket as many times as possible and try to eat the grass! 

So, while I didn't let him eat grass, I did let him have his first french fry...he loved it (duh)! 

Lulu got a little too crazy...he is on the move and all over the place all. of. the. time!! I had to corral him in the stroller so that Ella and I could eat our lunches!

Saturday morning I had to get up early to work at the Y, but Lucas helped me get ready!

I came home from the Y a few hours later, and this guy was standing up left and right! What the heck.  Stop growing up, Lucas!

Pretty sure we also need to lower his crib. Again. 

That afternoon, I took Ella to her friend, Frankie's birthday party! It was a Frozen Fever theme and Ella was absolutely beside herself. She could not even handle all of the Frozen decorations everywhere! And yes, she is wearing a Frozen smocked dress. You know it! 

Sunday we just hung out around the house and played. I snapped this pic of Lucas in an old towel of Ella's and can't get over how much he looks like her here!! 

Monday morning...gymnastics. Ella fell off the bar, whoops. She's ok though! 

I forgot to put a stroller in the trunk of my car, so I had to carry Lucas in his car seat into the gym....I thought I might pass out! SOOO heavy!

And what would any weekly post be without at least one picture of us in Target?! Lucas was thinking hard about which toothpaste we needed to buy 😉

Tuesday, we hit up story time! It starts at 11:15...we walked in at 11:13 and they wouldn't let me in!!! I was so mad! Thankfully, my friend snuck us in! Haha. I miss our regular library (Morrison), which is closed for an 18 month renovation. 

I also got a few pictures from Ella's preschool teachers. I love when they share pics with the parents!! She has been having the best time there this school year.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, so we had to wear our "Farmville" outfits (because that is where she lives!) and sing to her! 

We met up with Cooper and Mackenzie for some open gym fun! 

These 2 girls are so funny. They couldn't find the car for this rollercoaster (some other kid was on it), so they decided to just scootch down the rollercoaster track without it. It was hilarious. 😂

Then we had a picnic lunch, swung on a big swing, and played!

Can't wait till these little guys can emerge from their strollers and run around, too! 

And that's it for our week!! Have a great weekend! :) 

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