Thursday, March 23, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 44}

Oh hey everyone! 
Here's a look at what we've been up to this week!

Last Thursday, Ella had a walk at her preschool to raise money for JDRF. Look at her rocking those sunglasses! 

Lucas had fun cheering her on with his friend, and also enjoyed trying to eat the pompom. 

Thursday was also the first day of March Madness, so we celebrated by playing a little basketball! 

Friday was St. Patrick's Day!

It was a big day for both kids at Target....Lucas is finally big enough to ride in this kind of shopping cart!

Unfortunately, he hated it after about 5 minutes, and spent the rest of our time in Target screaming his head off. Bless. 

I also decided to take both kids to a consignment sale Friday night (long story) and it was every bit as awful as I thought it would be. But, I did walk away with all this!! 

Finally, some 12 month pajamas for Lucas! So, I guess a successful end to Spring 2017 Consignment Season! 

Saturday morning, I ran outside, without a stroller for the first time in....couldn't even tell you! It was definitely before I got pregnant with Lucas! So, like almost 2 years, ha! I am running a race this upcoming weekend, so I just wanted to make sure I was able to actually run outside without a stroller. And, I survived my little test run! 

The rest of our day was spent watching basketball. Ella was pointing the the Nike symbols on their shoes. 

Sunday, the boys stayed home to watch more basketball while Ella and I went to see Beauty and the Beast! 

I had originally not planned on taking her because I thought it might be too scary for her...but then I saw all these pictures of my friends taking their girls who are around her age, and well #peerpressure. Ella did see the original animated movie a few weeks ago, and wasn't scared by it, so I thought she would probably be ok for this updated "real" version. 

I was right! She did so well! She didn't really get scared at all. My only complaint was that the movie was a little bit too long for her, and she was getting antsy toward the end. But definitely a good time and a great movie (highly recommend it) with my best girl! 

Monday was our usual gymnastics and errand running in the morning, followed by the Y in the afternoon. But look at my sweet girl playing so nicely there! 

Tuesday, Lulu and I went to Target without Ella (she was at preschool) so he could have his original shopping cart situation back. He was much happier than on Friday! 

Yesterday was story time at our church. Ella kept wanting to touch this picture of Jesus on the wall. She is so funny. She kept running up to it, touching his feet and then coming back to me while proudly saying, "Mommy! I touched THE JESUS!" She did this like 12 times and it was hilarious. 

Meanwhile, Lucas was concentrating super hard on this maraca. 

Yesterday afternoon, we walked up to our neighborhood park for some playground time!

I really hope this weather starts getting its act together soon! We definitely need more outside time...can't wait for sidewalk chalk, wagon rides and bubbles soon!