Thursday, March 16, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 43}

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve, and Happy first day of March Madness!! 🏀

Last Thursday, Lucas and I decided to run up to Ella's preschool instead of drive to pick her up. 

It was about 2 miles each way, and I thought it was going to be totally awful with both kids in the Double Bob (I hadn't run with it before this), but surprisingly it wasn't too bad! My arms did hurt when I had to push them up a hill, but other than that I didn't notice much of a difference from the single Bob.

Friday, it was UNC vs Dook again, so we had to decide which dress to wear! Too bad we don't have more options, ha! (Actually, there are more options in her closet!)

We walked up to the park to play and have a picnic lunch!

That night, I went to a consignment sale at a local church. Ella thought she was in a castle!

I was trying not to buy too much, but got all of this for a little over $30!

I also consigned some of my kids' old clothes at this same sale and made over $175! So yay for that!!!

That night, we let Ella stay up to watch the UNC game. We ordered pizza, too, and she was basically living the dream. Except then UNC lost. 

Saturday morning, we had the most fun birthday party ever at Ben and Jerry's! Seriously, it was such a good time. I am adding it to my mental list of February birthday party locations (having a winter birthday is NOT fun when it comes to party planning) for Ella! 

The kids got to make cookies, take a tour of the ice cream shop, try some ice cream...

...make tie-dye shirts (Ella wasn't sure about wearing the apron, but I'll be darned if she got any ink on her ice cream dress!)...

...and of course had ice cream cake at the end!

Such a fun time!!! 

Sunday morning, we all woke up an hour later (thanks, Daylight Savings! My kids actually slept until 7:30/8:00!) to SNOW!!

I was totally game for going out and playing in it, but by the time we got our acts together, it looked like this:

So we settled for snowman outfits and pictures on our back patio. 

Monday, after gymnastics, we had to make our brackets for March Madness!! This is now Ella's 4th time making a bracket (she "made" her first one when she was just 6 weeks old!) so she is an old pro. No surprises here, she picked UNC to win the whole thing. Duh. 

Lucas was a bit more challenging. He had absolutely NO interest in making any picks and just wanted to crawl all over the bonus room instead. I wrote out every team onto note cards (hello, should I get a life sometime soon?!) and thought he would just crawl towards the team he wanted, but nope. He totally bypassed the cards and would just head toward whatever toy he saw. So, I had to literally wave both cards in his face. So who even knows how his bracket will turn out. He also happened to pick UNC to win it all though...funny how that happened. 😉

Tuesday, we went to baby story time while Ella was at preschool and we were actually EARLY! What. 

This sweet boy crawled all around, clapped his hands, and of course had fun with the bubbles!

Yesterday we spent an eternity at the Apple Store. And my computer is still crazy slow, so blahhh. Good thing this sweet girl was super well behaved and patient (even if her little brother wasn't)!

We ended our Wednesday with a little trip to Target. They have these hats in the dollar section! I would have totally bought one for Lucas, had he been able to keep it on his head for longer than .2 seconds. 

I'm off to watch wayyy too much basketball! Love this time of year!!! I really hope my bracket isn't totally busted in like 2 days, ha! 

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