Thursday, March 9, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 42}

Sorry I have been so boring lately!! 
I feel like I haven't had anything exciting to blog about except these weekly my computer is SO slow (I really need to take it in to the Apple Store), so I just don't have the time to sit in front of it daily and wait around for my pictures to load! 

Anyways...Lulu has lots of new tricks, but his favorite is pulling up and standing on just about anything.

Oh and he still loves putting everything he can in his mouth! 

Friday, we went to Perfect Balance for their Tot Time. We hadn't been here in forever, but Ella loved showing off her gymnastics skills and Lucas got to play a little bit, too! 

Ella walked all by herself to the end of this balance beam and then jumped off! I was really impressed!!

Friday night, I went to a consignment sale. I told Trav I wasn't going to buy much (I really just needed pajamas for Lucas) and then I came home with all of this. Whoops. And no pajamas for Lucas...I did find a sleep sack though! 

Our weekend was super uneventful! We made a birthday card for my brother...

...and got ready for the UNC vs Dook game!

Seeing as Mr. Lulu is now the biggest fan of pulling up, we had to lower his crib mattress again. I also went ahead and put that wrap on the top so he won't eat the wood....and I also added the mesh bumper just because sometimes he does enjoy trying to get his arms stuck in the slats. 

We let Ella stay up late to watch the UNC vs Dook game (she went to bed at halftime)...she absolutely loved it. Trav taught her how to make "3 goggles" and she loved looking for Rameses!

Sunday morning, we finally got our Easter decorations out and ordered an Easter basket for Lucas!

We also went up to the park for a little bit!

Monday morning was gymnastics again. Ella is finally getting the hang of jumping with both feet together! Her teacher was so excited!

My "low tire pressure" light came on (and UGHHH I just got new tires like a hot second ago!), so on Tuesday we went up to the tire place to get them checked while Ella was at preschool. They had a little play area for Lucas, and thankfully, my tires just needed a little air. 

After that, we tried to go to story time but we were late (shocking), so we didn't get in. We went to Target instead!! Just as educational, right?!

Yesterday, we had story time at our church. Lucas put literally every. single. toy. on that floor in his mouth. So healthy. 

After naps, we went to Ella's preschool to play on the playground! Ella loved pushing Lucas in the swing!

I'm sad we won't be able to go play outside much this is supposed to SNOW here! What is that all about?!?!?! 

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