Thursday, February 9, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 38}

I'm not sure what was more exhausting....this past week, or trying to take Lucas's weekly picture without him grabbing the blocks!

Seriously though...this past week we did ALL OF THE THINGS. Now, we are pretty busy most weeks out of the year, but this past week? Well, I made myself an extra cup of coffee just thinking about it! 

Here we go...

Last Thursday was Ella's day to bring her birthday treat in to preschool (her birthday was Friday but she doesn't go to preschool on Fridays). She specifically requested donuts, telling her teachers that her mom is "always going to the donut shop and buying donuts." 😂 You all know I am not a regular donut purchaser, so who knows where she got that from!
Anyway, I woke her up extra early and we headed to Dunkin Donuts (in pajamas!) to get some donut holes for her class. 

Her teachers sent me this next pic of Ella at preschool while everyone was singing to her!

It's a shame she hates preschool so much 😉

After naps, we made cupcakes for her party!

And that night, since it was "birthday eve," Ella got her traditional present of books before she went to bed (I got her this one and this one)! Also: she picked out her pajamas. Clearly, someone is still living in October. 

The next morning was Ella's birthday!!! She woke up to the area right outside of her room all decorated! 

I'm a mean mom and scheduled her 3 year check up on her birthday, so off to the doctor we went! I'm pretty sure this was Lucas's first time at the doctor's for his sister (and not him) and he had some cranky moments, especially during Ella's fingerpick to check her hemoglobin (he knows that all too well)! #FOMO

After the doctor, Ella requested to go to Barnes and Noble to play with the train table, so that is what we did!

Then we met up with my parents for lunch at Chipotle!

After naps, my mom wanted to buy Ella some new shoes, and we certainly didn't have to twist Ella's arm to go to the mall!

She picked out these, which she proudly wore to go get cupcakes!

Saturday was birthday party day, which I blogged about here :)

Sunday, we took both kids to the circus! 

They were both totally mesmerized! I'm so sad it's the last year for the circus! 

After that, we had some friends come over and hang out while I hosted a Shrimp and Grits Kids trunk show! (If you want to order something from the website, you can still use my hostess code: 62438). My in-laws were sweet enough to buy a whole bunch of clothes for Ella and Lucas! I can't wait for everything to come in...I'll be sure to share pics of what all we got! 

Oh and then, my husband decided to make his parents, sister and me a special Super Bowl meal while we watched the game! I didn't take any pictures, but he made clam chowder (for New England) and peach bourbon glazed ribs (for Atlanta). Everything was SO delicious! 

Whew! So that was a crazy weekend!

Monday morning, we were back at gymnastics!

We also went out to lunch with Trav's parents before they went back to Chapel Hill!

Tuesday, this little stinker figured out how to sit up in his crib and repeatedly attempted to PULL HIMSELF OUT! Thank goodness he was not successful, but too many times I looked at the monitor and had to go running in there to save him! So we lowered his crib mattress ASAP.

Yesterday we went to our church story time. The theme was Jesus keeping us safe during a storm and the kids got to draw a picture of a storm with chalk. Guess who drew "Elsa"? (In her defense, I guess Elsa does create a winter storm...and in "Let It Go," she does sing, "let the storm rage on...")

After that, we played with our friends Mackenzie and Cooper!

We came home to a clean house (I finally bit the bullet and had someone come clean my house...yes, Classic Annie, it was Rosa's ladies!! 😉 They are my best friends now!) and I sat down for a 90 minute phone call with a sleep consultant. Lucas and his nightly wakings are just killing Trav and me, especially because now he won't even go back to sleep once we put him in bed with us! So, this consultant told me to put him to bed at 6:00. Yes, 6:00. It sounded totally crazy to me, but I was willing to try anything at this point, so here is Lucas, ready for bed at 6:08 (whoops, sue me, I am 8 minutes behind schedule). 

I am happy to report that this sleep consultant might be on to something...Lulu slept until 6:45 this morning!!!! No night wakings!!! 🙌🙌🙌
Fingers crossed we get a repeat performance tonight! 

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