Friday, April 26, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 35}

A quick recap for you this week, since I've already blogged about our Easter weekend here!


Ella was dying to wear her new flippy sequin shirt that she got in her Easter basket to school!

While she was at school, the boys and I went on a run!

And yes, Bennett smiled at me like this the entire time!! 

We then made a quick trip to Target, where Bennett sat up top in the shopping cart for the first time!! Game changer!!!

That afternoon, we spent some time outside! 


I was packing away Bennett's 3 month clothes when I saw this bubble and thought to myself "Hmmm that looks big. I bet he could still fit in this." And I was right!

Boys' clothing companies....when will you be consistent?!?!

Ella was watching her daily dose of Peppa Pig when she spotted this guy in our house. 

Yes, IN our house. If you follow me on Instagram, you already heard me freaking out and swearing up a storm about this thing. I was terrified!!!!

After that traumatic experience, I wanted to get out of our house in case any of the lizard's friends were still inside (thankfully, there were no more!!!) so we walked up to our neighborhood playground!


It was forecasted to be 85* so I decided it was time to break out some of our summer wardrobe!!!
Matching of course!!!

Thanks to my in-laws for these precious outfits!!!

While Ella was at school, Lucas went to his friend, Harry's birthday party!
He loved hitting the piƱata even though he has no clue how to properly hold the bat! 

This party was actually at the same park where we had Lucas's Little Blue Truck party last year! When this peanut was still in my belly!

Of course Lucas's other favorite part was the cupcake, that he managed to get everywhere! At least it matched his outfit, ha!

Worth documenting: Bennett had pancakes for the first time on this day and he gobbled them up! He is obsessed with pancakes!!!


Ella had Beginner's Day for her kindergarten! 
Beginner's Day is a special day when the rising kindergarteners sit in a real kindergarten classroom and do an activity with the teacher while the parents go to a meeting with the principal to learn about the school. (And ps, this was probably one of my least favorite teaching days ever when I taught kindergarten, haha! It was chaos!)

Thankfully, Ella's new school had a more controlled Beginner's Day than I was used to!
And Ella knows about 10 kids going into kindergarten along with her, which is amazing!

Lucas and Bennett got to come to the meeting with me. Lucas was just there for the food.

We got a little bored, so we took some selfies!

Ella had a great time in the classroom! Of course even though she knew a bunch of kids there, none of them got put in the same group as her! But she was very brave and said she made some new friends! And the teacher said she wasn't bossy or annoying at all (I asked!), so yay!

I'll leave you with a quick glance of what happens when you don't put the Easter baskets away soon enough.

Thank you, Lucas. 
Those baskets are now in our attic till next year!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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