Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lucas's Little Blue Truck Birthday Party

This past weekend, we celebrated Lucas turning 2 with a Little Blue Truck birthday party!
Little Blue Truck is a popular kid's book that combines Lucas's 2 favorite things: trucks and farm animals. It was such a fun theme to pull together! 

I opted to have the party at a nearby park instead of our house, and it was worth every penny of the shelter rental! We just tossed most things in the trash (which we didn't even have to empty) after the party, packed up my car and left! No cleaning required!

I found this bulletin board on a local Facebook group. It was originally red, so I painted it blue (obvi) and it was the perfect place to display pics of the birthday boy!

My initial thought for the party was that the kids would spend most of their time playing on the adjacent playground...but then when the forecast called for rain, the teacher in me panicked that our guests might not have anything to do! So, Pinterest to the rescue with a few fun activities to keep all the kids occupied in case of rain. (P.S. it rained for literally 10 seconds at the very start of the party, then stayed dry and sunny the rest of the time!)

We had a table where the kids could paint a little blue truck picture.

And then another table with 2 sensory bins. I threw in popcorn kernels and a whole bunch of farm animals that I found at the dollar store. Plus a little blue truck and a dump truck, too!

I kept the favors super simple with bags of animal crackers.

For food we had:
-popcorn ("chicken feed")
-pigs in a blanket ("little piggies")
-veggies and dip ("farm fresh veggies")
-macaroni and cheese ("tractor tires & cheese"...even though the don't make wheel shaped pasta anymore! We just pretended these were shredded tires)
-applesauce pouches (I don't have a cute name for these, but they were on sale at Costco and Ella insisted we get them)
-pudding cups with oreos and gummy worms ("stuck in the mud cups")
-lemonade, juice boxes and water ("diesel fuel")
-and of course, cake!

I saw on Pinterest someone had used a toy dump truck as a serving dish and I thought it was a cute idea! Luckily, we already had this dump truck ready to go in our play room!

Publix once again came through with an amazing (and delicious) birthday cake! I think they have made almost every cake for my kids' birthdays and they never disappoint!

My favorite detail from the party was this photo booth that I borrowed from my friend Allie. Her son had a little blue truck party last year and she still had this laying around!

In my mind, I was going to get animal balloons and tie them to the truck so they would all be floating above it. Well, I ordered these, not noticing that they are the "walking" kind...which means, when they got blown up, they didn't float! 

So we put them on hay bales instead! All of the kids loved them and I let them take some home. The sheep came home with us, and Ella has lovingly named her Clara. 

Of course the birthday boy's favorite part of the party was eating! He actually managed to climb up on to the table and get into his cake before it was even time for that! You can kind of see in the picture below that the right side of the cake is a little "special" from my crazy boy. Oh well,'s your party and you can do what you want to! 

The cake was delicious and I will forever love my husband for taking off Lucas's cute shirt so he didn't mess it up! 

And because it didn't rain like it was supposed to, everyone got to play on the playground!

Lucas says thank you to everyone who came to his party and helped celebrate with him!

-Ella and Lucas's little blue truck shirts: Smocked Polkadot
-my shirt: Target
-all banners, food tents, and signage: Etsy
-crates and baskets: Hobby Lobby
-tablecloths, plates and utensils: Dollar Tree 
-animal balloons: Amazon
-galvanized tins: Hobby Lobby

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