Friday, May 11, 2018

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday!!!

1. Of course we went to the strawberry patch yet again this week! I just can't stay away. The strawberries from there taste so. much. better. than the ones from the store, and Baby #3 is loving some strawberries. 
Ella managed to squeeze into my favorite little strawberry dress that she's worn for the past 3 years!

We met up with Ella's friend from preschool and the girls had a blast picking strawberries, drinking slushees and playing!

Lucas was mostly entertained by this bucket of (thankfully, clean) pig water. Even though it looked clean, I was still grossed out, which made him love it even more.

He also had no issue reaching through the chicken wire to touch the pig...on his snout! This boy. Never a dull moment, I tell you. 

2. So because Lucas loves splashing around in the gross but clean pig water, I thought it might be a good time to bust out our water table. Yesterday, it made its 2018 debut. 

As predicted, Lucas loved it and started screaming with glee as soon as I began to fill it up. He also managed to get himself totally drenched before the table was even full of water. Note to self: next time, put him in a swimsuit for this activity! 

3. Ella got her dance recital costume on Wednesday and it is just about the cutest thing ever.

(She won't have the pink leotard underneath for the recital.) Her class also performed their recital dance for the parents and I almost started crying because it was just so sweet, and hello...pregnancy hormone central over here. 

4. It's teacher appreciation week, so Ella is taking in these sweet treats to her teachers today!

This was definitely beyond easy. I found the printable on Pinterest {here} and the mitts and cookie mixes are from Target! 

5. Happy Mother's Day weekend to all of the moms, especially mine!!!

We watched this video at my Bible study this past spring (it's not religious) and oh my goodness, it makes me cry every time. But I encourage you to watch it, especially if you are a mom! It's a great perspective on how great of a job we are all doing, even if it doesn't feel like it to us sometimes. 

Have a great weekend!!

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