Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Our Weekend: Birthday Party & Golf

We had a very busy weekend! So busy that I'm still recovering from it!

Saturday, we had Audrina's first birthday party! Trav was golfing so I took both kids...oh my. Ella was great (Audrina's big sister is one of her best friends) but Lucas?! I love him dearly, but I definitely needed a nap after that party!

Lucas kept sneaking outside to see the balloons. 

(He may or may not have also tipped backwards in one of those chairs--into the bushes--more than once.)

They had a music teacher come in and do a little class with everyone, which I thought was so fun!

Lucas sat still for about 3 minutes, and I was legitimately excited! 

Then he decided he was more interested in the bucket that the instruments came in than the actual instruments themselves.

Oh this boy!!! He sure does keep me on my toes, but at least he's cute and still loves to snuggle!

Ella was super excited about the sunglasses party favors!

On Sunday we went to the golf tournament that comes to Charlotte every year. Lucas's favorite part was, hands down, riding on the bus to the tournament (yes we live like 3 miles from the golf course, but there's no parking, so we had to drive 10 minutes away to take a 15 minute bus ride to something that's right down the road from our house!). 

Ella loved watching all of the golfers! Here she is with Rory McIlroy in the background...

...and Tiger Woods...

...and her personal favorite, Ricky Fowler (she calls him Ricky Flowers)!

Lucas enjoyed taking Trav's hat off and making as much noise as possible (he doesn't understand the whole "golf is a quiet sport" thing)!

Both kids also had way too much fun with this big Connect 4 game they had by the food trucks. 

{You can find Ella and Lucas's outfits here, and my dress here!}

We ended our day with some ice cream!

I didn't get any for Lucas, because I have in the past and he won't eat it. He thinks its too cold or something? Anyway, he apparently wanted some on Sunday. He kept grabbing sprinkles out of Ella's and ate them. Then he went in for a whole handful of ice cream and ended up spilling a bunch on the ground! Oh, Lucas...

So between those 2 activities, I am spent!! I came home Sunday from that golf tournament and was so tired!!! I'm glad we don't have any big plans this week or weekend!!! I need a rest! 

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