Friday, June 1, 2018

Hilton Head 2018

Happy Friday and Happy June!

We spent our Memorial Day weekend at one of our favorite places, Hilton Head! We ran into a little bit of trouble with the place where we were supposed to stay, the day before we were supposed to leave, but that's another story for another day...
Anyway, we were lucky find another condo super last minute, and it turned out to be even nicer than where we were originally supposed to stay! I'm linking it here, mostly for my own memory so we can stay there again next year. 

We checked in and immediately headed out to the back deck to look for alligators in the pond..

We found one!

For dinner, we ate at our favorite, Lowcountry Backyard. They don't take reservations, so we had to wait a little bit, but we managed to pass the time by teaching our kids how to play beer pong ;) 

We headed to the pool that was just a short walk from our condo!

The pool is right on the ocean, so we walked down the path and within minutes were on the beach!

(you can see the pool house above the 3rd blue umbrella...super close!)

After naps, we headed out for dinner! Hilton Head has bikes everywhere, and every time he saw one, Lucas would call out, "Mama! Mama!" I do not even own a bike, let alone has he ever seen me ride one, so I have no clue where he got this from. It was so funny though!

For dinner this night, we ate at Poseidon. We made reservations so we didn't have to wait. Ella's favorite part was her light up cup that her strawberry smoothie came in.

After dinner, we let the kids play on this awesome playground that was right near the restaurant!

We managed to get the kids away from the playground to take a quick picture, but you can see that they were both distracted and wanted to go back to that playground! (Especially Lucas!)

I did bribe Ella with some ice cream, so she took a few cute pictures!

Lucas does not respond to bribes, so he just kept running away, back to the playground! 

As promised, Ella got her ice cream at a nearby ice cream shop (Kilwin's! The best!!!). 

Lucas helped himself...apparently he likes ice cream now?!

Beach Day! 
We rented 2 chairs and umbrella from here, and it honestly was the best thing ever. Not having to lug even more crap down to the beach (plus setting up that darn umbrella is such a pain) is worth every penny in my book!

Ella immediately demanded that we bury her in the sand!

Ella spent a lot of time building sand castles...and Lucas spent a lot of time knocking them down.

I also tried to do our annual "written names in the sand" pictures. Ella cooperated.

Lucas did not.

I bought these awesome shell bags from a local mom, and Ella had a blast looking for shells in the beach!

When it was time to go in the ocean, Lucas decided he was NOT a fan! 

He loved it the day clue why he was freaking out this time!!!

Bless his heart. Pure torture. Luckily, he felt much better when he waded around in a tide pool. Maybe the ocean is just too big and overwhelming for him?!

Please enjoy how sandy my kids got by the end of the day. Holy moly, sand everywhere! I am still cleaning it out of their clothes, the stroller, towels, my car....

After showers, baths and more showers, we got ready and headed out to dinner! Tonight's restaurant was Old Oyster Factory. It was right on the water and the view from our table was beautiful!

Because we hadn't spent enough time on the beach that day, I convinced my family to go take some beach pics after dinner! Some of us cooperated, some of us did not. I'll let you guess who did what... ;)

It was supposed to rain and I had NO desire to go back to the beach and get all sandy for the second day in a row (I know, it's a beach vacation...but still. I had PTSD from the day before!). So we decided to head to Harbour Town and look at the boats!

We also found some dolphins!

Lucas may or may not have tried to climb on a boat or 2....Trav was having a heart attack the whole time.

We opted not to go up in the lighthouse because we've already been up there before and didn't feel like chasing Lucas at the top of a 90 foot tower. So we went to the playground instead!

And what would a trip to Sea Pines be without a ride on the trolley?!

Ella wanted ice cream after the trolley ride, and I did we got some! And Lucas once again helped himself. I guess I should order him his own next time!

For our last dinner, we ate at Quarterdeck, in Harbour Town. We had a great view from our table where the kids could watch boats coming in...

(side note for Southern Charm fans: this is the same ferry that they all took and were yelling at each other on in the most recent episode!)

...and the highlight of the trip, no not dolphins, not sharks, not whales...but a DOG on a speedboat!!!

We packed up and headed home!
We were going to take a dolphin cruise, but it was rainy and didn't start for a few more hours. So we just hit the road back to Charlotte instead!

Thanks for another fun year Hilton Head! Ella is still crying because she wanted to stay at the beach "forever"!

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