Friday, June 8, 2018

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!

1. Yesterday was Trav's birthday, so I was nice and made him dinner (a rare occasion these days!).
My friend Rachel recommended this Red Wine Marinated Flank Steak with Cherry Tomato Caprese Salsa, and oh my goodness it was DELICIOUS! I cannot stand to eat steak these days, but this was an exception! I could also see using the same marinade recipe for chicken and having Trav grill the chicken. Anyway, I'll be making some version of this again for sure! 

Also: I am not a food photographer. Obvi.

2. We also celebrated Trav's birthday by singing to him (Ella insisted) and giving him a new baseball hat and tickets to a baseball game!

You know I love a good theme, so I attempted to make him a baseball cake as well. It was somewhat of a disaster, but Lucas keeps eyeing it on the counter and saying "BEE-BALL!" so I'll call that a win.

3. Last Sunday was Ella's dance recital and oh my goodness, was it precious!

Her tap dance was to "I Like to Move It, Move It," which was hilarious, while her ballet number was "You Are My Sunshine," which made me ball my eyes out. (Also, let's not even talk about another dance that was not even Ella's class that made me cry! The pregnancy hormones are real over here, friends.)
She was not nervous at all, and loved being on the stage! We are so proud of our little dancer!

4. Also on Sunday...we found a mouse in our house! AHHHH!!!! Trav had spotted one the day before we left for the beach, so we set out mouse traps while we were at the beach. Well, we didn't catch anybody and just were just kind of hoping the mouse ran away (Ha! Wishful thinking). My kids were eating breakfast Sunday morning and Ella said, "Look! A mouse!!!" and I promptly screamed my head off and sprinted upstairs, leaving my kids in the kitchen with the mouse. #momoftheyear 
I DON'T LIKE MICE, OK?! I am seriously TERRIFIED of them!!!!! Had I been about 12 more week pregnant, this mouse would have put me into labor, no lie. Anyway, Trav was running on the treadmill, heard me screaming, came down and was my hero forever and ever. He put the mouse in a shoebox, took it outside and let it go wayyyyy in the very back of our backyard. I still have PTSD from this whole thing, and my throat hurt from screaming for a few days, not even kidding!

5. Moving on! I finished a really good book while we were at the beach!

I feel like everyone has been talking about this book, but I promise it lives up to the hype! Girl, Wash Your Face was not only funny but super relatable (I think the author and I are around the same age) and I wanted to highlight or take pictures of basically something on every page. I highly recommend it...and thank you, Kathryn, for buying it for me!! :) 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! 

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  1. Girl!! I can so relate with the mice fear! I cannot stand them! I am terrified of them and their running and jumping ability. UGH!! I was in bed a few weeks ago and heard a noise and finally went to investigate and a mouse was in a trap. NOT.DEAD. It was terrible and I still have PTSD from it. I"m also shocked that none of my neighbors called the police with all my screaming.