Thursday, June 1, 2017

Hilton Head 2017

This past weekend, we took a last minute trip to our favorite beach, Hilton Head!

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, and we decided to go, oohhhh last Tuesday, we had a hard time finding a place. We ended up staying bit further from the beach than usual, but if you've ever been to Hilton Head, you know that you have to walk a little bit to the beach no matter what. So we weren't too bothered by an extra 5 minutes of walking. We ended up really liking where we stayed this time

We arrived Thursday night, after Lucas's 12 month shots (very poor planning on my part!) and all 4 of us went straight to bed! Friday morning, Travis did some grocery shopping for us while Ella and I played with my camera and ate watermelon. When Lucas woke up from his nap, it was time to hit the pool!

Lucas was suuuuuper cranky (because, hello, he had gotten like 30 shots the day before, bless his little heart), so we decided maybe the cool beach air might cheer him up? So we walked down to the ocean! 

Lucas was still not having it, and at this point, I was scared this beach trip was going to turn out like our disastrous mountain getaway in February. Fortunately, both kids took crazy long naps (like 3+ hours), and I also went out and got some Infant Motrin to give Lucas when he woke up.
He was like a new guy after the nap and medicine! 

Since everyone was well-rested and feeling better, we went to Harbour Town and climbed up to the top of the lighthouse!

We also walked around Harbour Town and played at one of our favorite playgrounds!

We stopped for dinner at the always favorite Salty Dog....

...but while we were waiting for our table, we hung out on the dock for a little bit. I promise, we did not give Ella any beer! 

Ella wanted to take a picture of us, so we let her...and some nice lady asked if she could take a picture of Ella taking a picture, because it was just too cute!

And here is the picture Ella took! Not too bad! I'me excited about this new milestone! 😉

Saturday was beach day! Someone fell asleep on the long walk (aka, 12 minutes) to the beach!

Once he woke up though, oh man, did he have a blast! Lucas got this baby pool for his birthday and it was just perfect for our beach day! 

Here was our whole set-up:

We ended up renting the 2 beach chairs and umbrella from a company, and let me tell you, it was the best $35 I have ever spent! We were already lugging so much stuff with us, it was so nice to not have to bring beach chairs and an umbrella (and also deal with setting up the umbrella, because we seem to struggle with that every year!). Highly recommend going this route when you go to the beach!

No surprise here, Lucas was a big fan of the sand, and once he realized he could eat it....well, he was shoveling it in his mouth faster than I could stop him. That was a fun diaper later!

As the tide was going out, Ella asked me what the little holes in the sand were. I told her that animals were under them in the sand (which, I don't think is really what causes the holes...does anyone know?! I am dumb, haha) and she FREAKED out. Luckily, this was toward the end of our time on the beach....but here she is freaking out about the little holes. And Lucas is eating the sand (of course he is). 

Before dinner, I really wanted to take a few pictures on the beach (because we hadn't spent enough time there this day), but it ended up being a big fail.

It was super windy, so Ella's and my hair was out of control, and little Lulu was still really obsessed with the sand. 

I am kind of obsessed with Ella and Lucas's sailboat outfits though! I am tempted to order them in the next sizes up, so they can wear them again next year! 

I pulled Lulu off the beach so he would stop consuming sand in massive quantities and he got so mad at me. So, Ella did what any big sister would do, and forced him to smile by squeezing his cheeks. Poor guy!

That night we had dinner at Poseidon, which is right on the water, so I thought I'd try another quick little photo shoot before we ate. 

Ehhh, still no pictures I was happy with. Womp, womp.

But, there was a Kilwin's right across from the restaurant! So Ella and I had to get ice cream after dinner!! 

Lucas wanted some ice cream too.

Sunday, we went to the pool again (the beach is just SUCH an effort with 2 kids...even if you rent 1/2 of your beach equipment and have it set up for you!).

Lucas had no interest in swimming, especially on his back. He really just wanted to eat leaves. 

That afternoon, we went back to Harbour Town and the playground!

We also rode the trolley around Sea Pines, which both kids loved! It was super hot though!

On our last day, Monday, we took a dolphin cruise! We have done this every time we've come to Hilton Head, so we couldn't leave before seeing some dolphins!

Lucas just wanted to explore the boat!

Ella was really into looking for dolphins! We saw only saw 2 the entire time. 

Thanks, Hilton Head for another fun time!!! Ella cried when we left...she wants to go back already! 

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