Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Anniversary and Father's Day Weekend

Any time Father's Day and our anniversary fall on the same weekend (which is like, basically almost every year), we know it is going to be a busy few days! This year was no exception!

We kicked off our weekend on Friday by going to Ella's show celebrating her last day of gymnastics camp!


She had the best time at this camp, and even got to pick out her newest leotard...purple and leopard print, of course.


Friday night, my best girl helped me get ready for dinner by trying on my wedding shoes!


We celebrated 5 years at Bentley' always, our table had a fabulous view of the city!


After a yummy appetizer and drinks, I had a filet with shrimp and oh my goodness, it was delicious! 


They also brought us out a complimentary dessert for our anniversary!



Saturday, Ella got to go to a birthday party at her favorite place ever, the cupcake shop!


As if decorating cupcakes (and eating them too, duh) wasn't exciting enough, Anna and Elsa showed up!


Ella was so excited to see her favorite Frozen gals!
She even managed to sneak on to Anna's lap during story time...


They also had a little dance party and played some fun games!


Thanks to Gigi and Sarah for an amazing party!! We had the best time!!


Sunday was Father's Day. We got off to a rocky start when I somehow broke our treadmill less than 1 mile into my run. It's getting fixed Friday, so we've been running outside in the gross, muggy weather until then! Anyway, Sunday: Trav's 2 requests were to watch golf and grill ribs. 

{Please excuse my husband's clothes. It was his day, so I wasn't about to tell him he had to wear something nicer to lounge around the house in!}

He LOVED his "lion plate" that the kids made for him with their handprints (well, Lucas used his feet because we were worried he would eat the paint). 


He also made us these delicious ribs and I made the cucumber salad. So, so good. 


After dinner, Trav proudly displayed his new lion plate on our kitchen counter. And guess what? It slid down and broke into a million (ok, really like 8) pieces on our granite countertops. Poor guy looked like he was about to cry when that happened! So yesterday, the kids and I went back to Dish It Out where they glued the plate back together. We also made him a new lion plate just for good measure. Trust me when I say it will be kept far away from the countertops...or anything else that may cause it to break! 

Hope you had a good weekend and hopefully you broke fewer things than we did (oh and I didn't even mention my broken vacuum that is in the shop getting fixed...)!!! 

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