Friday, June 16, 2017

5 on Friday {Our 5th Anniversary!}

Happy Friday!
It's also our FIFTH wedding anniversary today!!!

I thought I'd do 5 fun facts about our wedding/marriage for this week's 5 on Friday!

1. We have celebrated 5 anniversaries together, and I have been pregnant or nursing for every single one, except for 2015! (Nope, not pregnant this year! Just still nursing Lucas...)

{2013: 6 weeks pregnant with Ella; 2014: Had 4 month old Ella at home; 2015: FREEDOM! 2016: Lucas was 4 weeks old!}

2. The only show Trav and I really watch together is Big Brother. I think we are pretty much the only people left in America who still watch this show, but we are sucked in every summer without fail. Trav tends to like more crime-type shows (that give me nightmares), while I like more reality type stuff (hello, Bravo tv), so that's why we don't watch a lot of tv together! We will watch an occasional sporting event together, too...but if its a big UNC game, I will not be anywhere near him! (i.e. National Championship for basketball this year, I watched it upstairs while he was downstairs hollering and freaking out, lol). 

3. I was looking back at my wedding folder in my old email, and I thought you would get a kick out of what songs we had on our "Do not play" and "Must play" lists!

Here is Trav doing the Souja Boy. I can't...

4. Yesterday I was cleaning out the closet in our bonus room and found this gem:

Yes that would be my list of things I was looking for in a guy! Ha! 
Oh and there's also a back side to the paper...

Pretty sure I made this late high school or early college. I was such a dork! 
But, I'm proud to say Trav fits most of my requirements. 😉

5.  Every year for our anniversary, we go to Bentley's on 27, which is where we had our wedding reception. I'm already sitting here, looking at the menu, deciding what I want to eat! I also always wear my wedding shoes.

Two kids later, they are realllllly tight and a little uncomfortable, but its only for a few hours, right?! Hopefully they never go out of style (although they are probably out of style already now...oh well)!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Father's Day on Sunday to all the dads out there!!