Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lucas's Hole in ONE Par-Tee!

If we're being honest, I must tell you that I picked out the theme for Lucas's first birthday party even before he was born. When I found out we would be having a little boy in the middle of prime golf season, I knew a golf-themed bash would be perfect for celebrating our one year old! 

I stole most of these ideas from my friend Anni, who had a party of the same theme for her little boy a few years ago. The rest of the ideas came from Pinterest, specifically this girl...I basically copied her entire party. 

So here we go...

We had our photographer use a photo from Lucas's cake smash photos when she designed the invitation. 

I made that big L for the door using over 100 plastic golf balls. I hot glued them to a cardboard box that I cut out in the shape of an L (PS--high five to me for giving my child a name that starts with an easy-to-make letter! I promise I would not have done this with a letter like S!)

We had a little table set up right by the door where every one could write little notes to Lucas. I also stuck his birthday cards in that navy blue box along with the notes. 

Moving into the dining room...

We had plenty of food, and I got most of the name ideas from here

Trav did inform me that I/she spelled "bogie" wrong (it's really spelled bogey) about 25 minutes before the party started. So try to look past that. 😉

I was super impressed with another fabulous cake from Publix! I sent them a few pictures of what I wanted and they executed my vision perfectly! 

I ended up making the cupcakes myself. I used chocolate cupcake mix, and then dyed the frosting green (Like, really green. There was green food coloring all over my kitchen!). I used the same decorating tip that I used when I made the grass on his smash cake, although I didn't have the patience to make the grass look totally perfect on 24 cupcakes. I used a white sixlet candy for the "golf ball" and then made little flags out of navy card stock and toothpicks. 

For the hanging golf balls, I bought some honeycomb balls from Michaels, and then printed out the "Titleist" logo in different sizes. I glued them on using my trusty spray adhesive because the glue stick wasn't cutting it. 

For his monthly photos, I used the number of golf balls to label what month it was. So, 1 golf ball for 1 month old, and so on...

In the living room, we had his Hall of Fame, which was all of his milestones on display...

...and then 2 putting greens set up so all of the kids could try out their new golf clubs that they received as party favors!

In the kitchen, we had drinks set up on the island.

I had been racking my brain, trying to come up with some sort of fun drink something or other. We had a "Mimosa Bar" at Ella's first birthday party, so I wanted something fun like that for Lucas's party, too (even though he couldn't drink it!). I finally found an "Arnold Palmer Station" idea and decided that would be perfect with the golf theme!

People had fun mixing up their Arnold Palmers to their own liking. We also had plenty of alcohol on hand if they wanted to spike it. 😉

At our fabulous new breakfast table, I had a little craft station set up for the kids to decorate foam visors! 

I kept decorations minimal in the family room because it is currently my least favorite room in the house....

...but of course, everyone ended up playing in there! Oh well! We need to paint and lighten up this room ASAP!

Lucas had a total blast (or should I say "ball"?!) at his party! We are so thankful to everyone who came to help us celebrate!


Invitation and photos: Leslie Keener
All other signage (banners, labels, etc.): Etsy
Birthday cake: Publix
Chalkboard poster: Etsy
Golf club favors: Walmart
Lucas's shirt and bib: Rompers & Ruffles
Ella's dress: Claire and Charlie (old style...similar here)
Foam visors and stickers: Amazon (for the foam stickers, I got these and these)
Golf stickers: Hobby Lobby (these and these)
Picture frames: Ikea


  1. What a cute party! You did a great job with all of the golf-themed decorations!

  2. Basically the most perfect party ever! You are so creative!