Monday, June 26, 2017

Half Bathroom Makeover

Our downstairs half bath was easily the ugliest room in our entire house, dare I even say the whole neighborhood?! 

Here's a look at the "before" in all of its 1987 glory...

Are you wondering what exactly is on that wallpaper? We were too. YUCK.

Anyways, since we spent a small fortune redoing our {almost as ugly} master bathroom last fall, I decided to tackle this project on my own. I started the week after Ella's birthday...February 10 to be exact, and finished just before Lucas's birthday, on May 16. So yes this took me 3 months. And it is the smallest room ever. Welcome to getting things done with 2 kids! (Let's not even discuss that it took me another 5 weeks to blog about it!)

The thing that took the longest? Peeling all of that wallpaper!!! I'm absolutely positive it had been up on the walls since the house was built in the 80s. 

This is how much I peeled in 20 minutes. Yeah...
Thankfully, I found this wallpaper steamer on Amazon and it worked wonders! It still took me a while to peel the wallpaper, but at least I was able to peel pieces larger than the size of my thumbnail at a time.

Anyway, here is the finished product!

It is a very small room, and professional photographer I am not, so please excuse the awkward angles and subpar photos! 

I had our contractor who oversaw our master bath remodel come in and install new light fixtures and a new faucet. He also took out (and then later put back) the toilet so I could peel the wallpaper and paint behind it!

What all did I do in here? So glad you asked!

-Peeled wallpaper
-"Mudded" the walls to fill in holes from peeling wallpaper
-Sanded the putty on the walls to make it smooth
-Installed new sconces and faucet
-Painted vanity
-Got new drawer pulls on vanity
-Painted mirror
-Spray painted picture frames and vanity hinges to match faucet
-Installed new towel ring and toilet paper holder

Whew, I think that's it!

Sorry, not the best pic of the sconces, but it was hard to see them when they were on, and the room has no windows, so it gets dark easily! 

{2 of my favorite places from our Italy trip: Venice and Capri!}


-Paint color: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (I actually had a bunch left over from our master bathroom project, and was too lazy to decide on another paint color!)
-Vanity and mirror paint: Annie Sloan in Old White
-Faucet: Hayneedle
-Cabinet knobs: Home Depot
-Towel ring: Target
-Toilet paper holder: Amazon (Another thing we had left over from our master bathroom reno!)
-Picture frames: Ikea
-Spray paint for hinges and frames: Home Depot

I still really want to replace that vanity top, but that's another project for another day!!
I'm done with DIY-ing (and let's face it, home projects in general) for a while now!

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